Baby Food Recipe: Banana Puree

This is Skye’s first solid food. I was checking on the best food to give the baby and I decided on the “default”. I see banana on almost every “best first food for baby” list on google and it was also one of the recommended first food of her pedia.

banana-puree **Image from Google.


What You Need:

2 pcs medium sized Banana
1/4 cup water
Baby Blender with Baby Blend Blade or any blender


How To Prepare:

1. Peel and the cut the banana into small parts.
2. Combine banana and water into the blender.
3. Blend the combination until desired consistency is reached.


You can add more water for a runny puree or less water for the thicker puree. I suggest you do a runny puree during the baby's first weeks in solids and just adjust consistency as the baby gets more accustomed to eating.

What I love bananas is that it's easy. No need to steam or boil unlike sweet potato or carrots. 2pcs banana it equivalent to 6-8 baby bullets. So it's perfect! Usually, banana puree can last up to 3-5days when stored on the fridge and 3months when frozen. I love it! I can prepare it in batch and not worry everyday.

The thing about bananas though is that it leaves so much stain on the baby's clothes. So make sure you make her wear colored clothes or bibs. Or those you don't mind getting stained. It also leaves stain on cloth diapers. Pero nakukuha naman ata sa kula. :-D

Go ahead! Try it out. skye loves her banana so much. Just make sure you make the baby drink lotsa water.

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  1. This is really very useful for young moms wondering what to give their babies for their first solid food.


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