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Yay! Our first mum and daughter OOTD on the blog.

I think Skye is a great accessory. I look extra gorgeous here, do you guys agree? Sooo cute!

I can’t wait for the baby to grow up so we could both be on pretty dresses and pose for the OOTD. But on the other hand, hmmmm… I think she’s growing up too fast. In a couple of days she’ll be 6 months already. She’ll start on solids! Food. Yummy food. Not just milk now. And eventually she won’t dede na. Aaaayyy! Anyareh?! Ang bilis lang ng lahat!

BUT. One good thing about the baby hitting this milestone is that I could finally have my hair fixed. Hallelujah!

And I could finally start doing some light exercise. Pwede naman daw on the 3rd month pero my OB says its safer if we do it on the 6th month. CSop is a major operation and the recovery period usually takes years. So I opted to be on the safe side… Ok fine! It’s partly because tinatamad din ako. Hahahahaha! Kasi naman, ang sarap kumain. Especially now that I am breastfeeding. Pero nauubusan na ko ng excuses lately kasi lumalaki na si Skye. Kelangan ko na talaga gawan ng paraan tong stuck kong weight.

On Me: Vintage Top | Maldita Skirt | So! Fab Sandals (ReigningTatay’s birthday gift to me) | Ruby Woo Lippie | Divisoria Bangles ||| On Skye: Mothercare Gray Onesie | Baby Company Socks | Headband from Robinson’s Department Store | Little Wishes Bib

I love that last pic of Skye. The one on the left. Makatawa naman ang bata, wagas!


So anyway, it’s the weekend. I love weekends. Unli dede for Skye. Unli hugs and kisses for Nanay. Unli play and unli sleep. :) Oh the perks of being mum. It’s just priceless.


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