7 Summer Destinations


Summer is here! It’s the time to connect, rekindle and make fun memories with your family. Be it here or abroad time spent with your family, especially with kids are mostly important. It promotes the values of the Filipino family and creates meaningful childhood experience your children would be able to carry on until they grow up and eventually pass on to their kids. 

Below are 7 places to be this summer! 

Explore the beauty of nature

This should be at the top of your list. Kids love to play. There are a bunch of good beaches in the country that you can consider. If you want the usual go-to places, Boracay is a top pick and so is Puerto Galera. During summertime, expect many tourists to be there. But, if you want to make it a new experience for your family, then try beaches in the far South such as Gumasa beach in Sarangani province where its fine white sand is at par with Boracay’s fine sand; Maxima Aqua Fun in Samal Island, Davao Del Norte is a nice bang for the buck with its variety of water activities. 

Brave the waters

Recently, water sports have gained popularity. Apart from the thrill that it gives, the feeling of conquering something extreme gives a sense of accomplishment to oneself. Of course, not all watersports are child-friendly. But in Laguna Boat and Tours Water Sports, your family can surf, waterski and Jetski on the lake. Other activities include kayaking, canoeing, river rafting and tubing which are safe. They have complete safety gears and guides which will help you maneuver the water.

Revisit our history

Definitely an unusual destination to be in summer as usually people go to beaches to plunge or eat citrus fruits. But who said that summer cannot be fun and educational? Tour your family in museums showcasing artworks of different Filipino artists. One good museum to visit is the Pinto museum. Nestled in the mountainous area of Antipolo, Pinto museum boasts of the contemporary artworks of six modern painters. The entrance fee is affordable and the place is pretty accessible and near Metro Manila. You aren’t just making summer a fun time for your kids, but also an enlightening experience. 

Race to the peak 

Mountains are a good destination for your family. It doesn’t just teach your family to be patient but to work together to reach the peak. Though this experience can be tiresome at first, but it is an equally rewarding experience once you reach the top. Everything seems meaningless amidst the overwhelming vista of trees and clouds. Mt. Daraitan in Wawa, San Mateo is a good mountain to climb. It is ideal for beginners and there are a lot of tour guides that can help you reach the peak in no time.   

Visit monuments

Monuments aren’t just areas for commemoration but a place to spend quality time with your family. Apart from being an affordable destination, these places allow your children to polish their knowledge in history including remarkable figures and their significant deeds. Being open to all, it can be accessed anytime, any day. Don’t forget to bring packed lunch and snacks to make it an exciting experience for everyone. 

Dine with nature

Eco parks are already becoming popular in the cities. They serve as refuge for city people who wish for a momentary reprieve from the bustle and hustle of the urban. But during summer, this place is a good resting place as it is surrounded by trees. The air is fresh, the ground is ideal for picnics. Other activities such as biking, strolling and running along the grounds are ideal as well. It may not be like the usual thing to do in summer, but it will be a good way of spending quality time with your family. La mesa Ecopark is a good place to go even Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife is a good place too.   

Leave everything

If you have the budget, you can bring your whole family to Batanes. Its unparalleled beauty is a sight even to foreigners. Boasting one of the oldest lighthouses and the traditional abode of early Filipinos, this place is a sure delight for the whole family. Apart from this, sunset is a sure hit in this place as well. You can take nice selfies and pictures of everyone.

Enjoy your summer with your whole family and make it count!

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