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Vipon Deals

Hello, mummas!! How are you?! Sorry for the kinda long hiatus, but for those of you who's not following me on social media (WHY?! Follow me pronto please! @reigningstill on IG and @reigningstillblog on FB), I gave birth to or bouncing baby boy more than a week ago. I'm still a bit struggling with taking care of the newborn and our preschooler and breastfeeding all over again and the long nights and my CS operation wound. So yeah, life lately is kinda crazy.

Not complaining though! It's pure bliss whenever I'm with my kids. What joy they bring.

And this post would definitely bring a little more joy to all you mumshies. Because I've discovered a site with an amazing selection of Amazon coupons - Vipon

Vipon Deals

I'm telling you, is just awesome!! They have hot deals, instant deals and some upcoming deals so you could schedule your purchases.

They also have a wide category of items! I found myself browsing on their Kitchen and Dining category and of course, the Kids and babies.

Each product has specific description, so you would know exactly what you are getting. Everything is really easy and reliable on Vipon.

Vipon Deals

So many deals! And the discounts are no joke at all. Just look at the screenshot of the website above, 50% OFF. That's huge, right? The kids and babies section even have deals as much as 80% OFF. It's really 50-90% OFF everything. The item selection is also great. There's a coupon for almost everything you need.

With 2,000,000 registered shoppers and 40,000 discounted Amazon products, we all know that it's legit. Major plus for ios and android support too. For someone like me who's always on my mobile, because a mum can't laptop all the time, it's really a big deal.

As a mum, I've been relying so much on online shopping these days., and this is really a big help. Though I have to remind myself not to over shop because it's so easy and very tempting to buy them all.

Using the site is as easy as 1-2-3: just (1) sign up, (2) find the product that you want/need, and (3) click on get coupon and voila!

Vipon Deals

Just copy and go to Amazon and you are good to go. So easy right?!!

What are you waiting for mumma? Sign up and shop now. Also, you're welcome!

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