#Spread100Hugs with Downy Premium Parfum

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"Family hug time!!" is a daily occurrence in our little family. There's definitely an abundance of hugs kasi we all love to cuddle and hug each other. Every night, we’d hug each other while in bed just before we sleep. Ang sarap sa feeling yung kayakap mo ang family mo after a long tiring day.

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Me and the #FabSkye would also always start each day with a tight hug. I’d wake her up early specially on weekdays and we’d hug for a minute or two before actually starting our day. I love that little ritual of ours.

So we technically start and end each day with hugs.

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Ibang klaseng joy naman kasi talaga ang naibibigay ng hugs hindi ba? If I'm tired or sad, isang hug lang from my husband and my daughter okay na lahat. Just a tight hug from my husband is enough reassurance of the love that we have for each other even after a fight.

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This Christmas season, for sure mas maraming hugs ang mashe-share namin, not just to our little family kundi pati na din sa mga friends and extended family. With all the reunions and friend catch ups, for sure our days will be filled with hugs.

Buti nalang, lahat kami hug-ready with Downy Premium Parfum na may long lasting perfume freshness na abot 100hugs. Kahiya naman kasi mag hug kung amoy yesterday ka diba? Ang tagal nyong di nagkita kita ng mga friends mo or relatives kaya dapat, amoy perfume ka.

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Anyway, did you know that the first ever hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree is now up at Eastwood Mall until the 26th. So go na mga mumsh, malay nyo makita nyo si Madam Pia Wurtzback dun ang mahug sya. I heard she went around the metro to #Spread100Hugs. Swerte ng mga naka-hug kay Pia.

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Kaya super thank you to Downy Philippines for our super bangong red gift bag full of Downy. Ambango lalo naming neto. Also using it to our bed covers para mas masarap ang akapan namin sa gabi.

Merry Christmas everyone! Kumusta na ang Christmas Prep nyo?

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