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This pregnancy has left me almost immobile on most days. Especially since this pregnancy is a little bit more delicate than my first. I've experienced bleeding several times already so I'm trying really hard to keep things light and easy breezy.

Eh kaso mo, December! And I am a mother with a household to run. So I'm very thankful that we now have delivery apps and online stores that could take care of a lot of things - my Christmas Shopping list, food deliveries and even groceries!

My favorite is definitely Honestbee!!

Honestbee-Shopwise (1) 
With their grocery and food delivery options, this is exactly what this mum needs.

I love that you could schedule the delivery of the groceries and that the delivery fee is very affordable. Convenience at it's finest.

Extra props because I just saw another favorite grocery store on their line up - Shopwise!!!

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I'm so happy that they have it on my location. See, I'm the type of shopper who does her grocery shopping on multiple stores. Ganun din ba kayo? Like some stuff I'd definitely get on Robinson's while the others on Shopwise. Iba iba kasi their offering so I'm very happy na meron ng Shopwise!

The fresh meat offering of Shopwise and those meat na pre-prepared are some of my favorites. Ang dali kasi lutuin. As in we only use a grilling pan and instant feast na at home. Mukha na kong mabuting ina. If you know what I mean.

There are also some notable brands such as Papa Alfredo, Sunharvest, SnapMax and Southdale Farm, and also quality affordable wines from French Cellar, Wine Makers Reserve, and Red Peak that are available on Shopwise only. And these are the brands I need for my Christmas Noche Buena shopping.


I also love that in this app, I could instantly see which items are currently on promo or those with discounts. Aminin nyo that it's one of the things na nagpapatagal sa ating grocery shopping. We had to check every shelf and make sure that we don't miss one promo talaga.

Every piso counts sa ating mga mumshie diba? So seeing them in one go is very convenient. 

Honestbee-Shopwise (1)
I also find this type of grocery shopping better specially if you are on a budget. Kita mo kasi agad how much yung nabili mo. You could even search what you are looking for and just cart them. I find it's easier to stick on my grocery shopping list if I use Honestbee.

Sorry kasi I'm really the type of mum who loves grocery shopping and we usually do it as a family. But I always end up overspending. Kasi the #FabSkye and the #ReigningTatay would dump to the cart every single item they'd see. So pagdating sa cashier, gulatan portion sa bayaran. Nade-deadma ang budget, nade-deadma ang list. Nakakaloka.

But with Honestbee, I could stick to my list and my budget. And now that we're expecting, kelangan talaga magtipid ng bongga. CS ako mga mumsh. Alam nyo naman how expensive the CS operation is. Kalurks!

Plus we all know that joining the Christmas shopping rush is a no no for me. Not with this pregnancy. But I guess kahit di preggy, other mums would agree na it's better to order via Honestbee than brave the crazy traffic, find a parking slot and line up on the grocery counter. Wala talaga. Nakakawala ng ulirat yun!

How about you mumshies? Do you also use Honestbee? Ang saya nya dibaaaaa??!!

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