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As a first-time car owner, na-realize ko talaga na hindi sya madali! Daming ganap! Akala ko I'd just have to buy the car and worry about the rising cost of gasoline.

Teh! Di dun natapos ang lahat. There's maintenance, car registration, insurance, mechanical repairs, tools, basic mechanical knowledge and yadah yadah. 

I remember that one time when my car battery died on me while we're at the mall. I'm with my daughter and I honestly don't know what to do! I don't even know who to call!! I was trying to search on google but super hirap especially if you don't really know what you're looking for. Good thing I have my bestfriend's husband who guided me.

So when I learned that there is now a website called, I was really intrigued and honestly, natuwa ako. is the most comprehensive online directory for car care and car related services in Metro Manila. They have a listing of more than 6,000 car care and servicing establishments. I tried to look for the nearest Honda Service Center while I'm in Mandaluyong and it was able to show me where it is.

The featured services available to clients include:
  • Maintenance and Mechanical Repairs,
  • Wheels and Tires,
  • Car Wash and Detailing,
  • Battery and Towing,
  • Insurance and LTO Registration,
  • Body Repairs, Paints, and Wraps;
  • Parts and Accessories.

They have everything! Even insurance and LTO registration assistance. Woohoo! Kainis yang mga ganyang hassle diba? So if meron ng website who could help you find the right people for your car needs, super better! Andun na lahat.

Service Valet

One major feature is the booking system called Service Valet that helps client schedule appointments for their car service with their preferred car care establishment. It truly helps busy car owners like me to get our cars serviced by helping with scheduling, pick up and delivery. 

They even have Road Side Assistance program that helps motorists during accidents or emergencies on the road.

Working with Big Car Brands

They have partnered with the biggest names in car service industry as well as big car manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Kia, Peugeot and Suzuki.

Take note ah, they only started last year but has managed to get this big. Probably because the service they provide is really something we, car owners, need. At least now, I have peace of mind because I know na where to go or who to call in case of car-related emergencies and issues. Iba padin yung alam mo sino tatawagan mo diba?

To know more about, its services, partner establishments, rates, and ongoing promotions, visit the website:

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