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Who doesn't love S&R Pizza? Imagine hot, cheesy pizza being delivered to your doorstep via our favorite Honestbee App? Yep! Got some great news for you! So, read up!
S&R Membership Shopping has now become synonymous with their New York Style Pizza. Members have always been familiar with their white walls and blue d├ęcor and a few years ago, they made their food more accessible to those who are not members at the grocery chain with their first branch in Cubao. Since then they have opened branches all over the Metro.

However, because of their popularity with the masses, their stores are usually jam-packed. The good news is that now we can have our favorite pizza delivered to our homes. With Honestbee’s food delivery app, there is no need to go to the nearest S&R branch or queue in long lines at their outlets for their sought-after food. Add your order to the cart, checkout, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

S&R New York Style Pizza lives up to their name as they serve generous slices of pizza that don’t skimp on toppings. Their pizzas have got to be one of the most affordable in the market, which could be the reason behind their popularity. Not only that, you could get their other American classics such as fried chicken, french fries, clam chowder, and salads on Honestbee.

I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about their food and I think that says something. There is just something addicting about their food that makes us keep coming back for more. Honestbee is the gift that keeps on giving and they continue to impress me with every addition to their food choices. Our next pizza party will surely be cheesier (pun intended).

You can visit and download the app at:

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