How I Managed To Do More and Be More

I've always been a staunch supporter of technology. Being part of the generation that helped shaped the future through technology, I must say that I'm one of those who has felt the great help of technology to my everyday life.

Usually, some people think that women are not as comfortable with technology as men but that was never true. Time and time again we've proven to the world that we could adopt to anything and everything.

Us women have used all those great technological advances from typewriters to washing machines and refrigerators and the telephones and the mobile phones and the internet and now the modern appliances that we have.

I am really really happy that I live in a generation where I could use a lot of tools to help me be the woman I want to be. Technology made it possible for me to wear all the hats I have to wear everyday and still live the best life.

I mean, I pay bills online thru my mobile phone. I use a smart washing machine. We have an inverter refrigerator at home. I use a smart TV. I talk to my friends via chat. I do my research online. I plan all our travels online. Everything is convenient and easier and I have access to a lot more information. All thanks to technology.

LG Inverter Linear Compressor

Being a working mum is never easy but we manage because we have tools we could use to help us.

And for 60 years, electronics giant LG has accompanied women on their journey to self-discovery by providing optimum solutions and new experiences that help their female consumers lead better lives. LG creates efficient, functional, not to mention, beautiful home appliances that free up time for women, allowing them to focus on other concerns. The brand also provides an array of sophisticated, gorgeously designed mobile phones, tablets and smart watches that allow women to stay connected virtually anywhere, and to share information at blazing-fast speeds with just a touch of the screen.

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Transformative experiences are at the core of the LG philosophy. By combining the most forward-thinking technologies with ingenuity and resourcefulness, LG enables women to discover new ways to enrich their life and of the lives of their loved ones.

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