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Our family has history of Diabetes. My Nanay (Mila's mom) had diabetes. Even my cousin who died a few years ago, our Ate Yssa's real mum, also had it. Plus an Aunt and an Uncle who is currently fighting it. So yeah, it runs in the family so we're kinda scared.

I know how difficult it is to have diabetes. More than the maintenance and the sandamakmak na bawal, the complications are super dami. My Nanay and my Ate both died because of those said complications so I know it's no joke. Also, according to statistics it already affects over 200 million people and is expected to shoot up to 300M by 2025. Scary!

So I've always been on the lookout for food supplements who could help us prevent it and fight it! So when I heard of Ampalaya Plus, I was more than interested. Sure ako kayo din, so read on!

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Ampalaya Plus is a dietary food supplement and is known as a natural wonder for diabetes and is perfect for diabetics and prediabetics. 

This is a herbal food supplement contains 3 herbs na very familiar sa ating mga Pinoy:
  1. Bitter Gourd a.k.a. Ampalaya
  2. Lagerstroemia Speciosa a.k.a. Banaba (for sure kilala to ng mga Lola at Auntie nyo!)
  3. Turmeric a.k.a. Luyang Dilaw
I'm not sure about you but I grew up knowing that those 3 are like wonder plants. My Papa would grate luyang dilaw for sores and infected wound. My Mama would boil banaba leaves for cough. And ampalaya is known as a wonder veggie kaya kahit mapait we grew up eating it.

When I learned that those are the 3 main ingredient of Ampalaya Plus, napanatag na ko because all of those are familiar sa akin.

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But I'm pretty sure you wanna know how they could help in fighting off Diabetes diba?


Apparently, Ampalaya is one of the most effective and clinically-tested cure to diabetes. I remember nga my Lola would always boil Ampalaya leaves tapos ginagawa nyang tea and her diet is always consist of Ampalaya. It is even known as Vegetable insulin because nga it is known to normalize blood sugar levels.

Aside from the wonders it does to manage our sugar, it is also known to prevent the increase of breast cancer cells. It also helps in treating eczema and psoriasis. Plus it cleanses the liver! Wooow!

But wait there's more, I've also learned that Ampalaya helps increase the luster and shine of your hair and prevents hair loss and greying!! Buti nalang I trained the #FabSkye to eat ampalaya noon pa!


As I've said, banaba is a known medicinal plant. Lagi nagpapakulo ng banaba ang lola ko noon. Pinapainom sa amin to fight off cough, bacterial infections or pneumonia. It is also known to help cure hypertension and inflammation. Most of all it is known to help lower blood sugar so perfect for diabetes.

Luyang Dilaw

This is another wonder herb. I remember an albularyo told us to grate luyang dilaw for my niece's eczema flare ups. But it is more popular in lowering cholesterol and helping tone the digestive system.

Aside from that it also helps strengthen the body, expel parasitic worms, regulate menstruation, relieve arthritis and dissolve gallstone. Most importantly, this I know for sure, it helps in weight loss and is a good anti-oxidant.

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So with all of those ingredients, Ampalaya Plus is indeed the perfect dietary supplement for diabetics or prediabetics. Plus they are clinically tested by the Center For The Enhancement Of Human Performance Of The Department Of Physiology – College Of Medicine, University Of The Philippines Manila. Their clinical trial showed that it can lower the blood sugar of diabetics and nondiabetics.

More importantly, it is FDA approved and is made on ISO certified facilities. Ampalaya Plus is also available in US, Denmark, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. Plus they are halal-certified and locally sourced in the Philippines. So we are very sure of the quality.

When I saw this video testimonial of Aries Geronimo, I was really sold. I mean it's really hard for someone so young like Aries (he was only 27 then!) to know that he is diabetic because we know it's difficult. I mean he has to take maintenance, change his lifestyle and everything! My Ate is only 30 when she learned about her diabetes and another cousin, who is only 28 then, had it. Pabata na ng pabata ang natatamaan ng diabetes!

Aries' trial proved that Ampalaya Plus really helped normalize his blood sugar after just several days of using!

It is really a wonder drug and I hope I've learned this way back when my Nanay is still alive. It could have helped her cope with diabetes better.

Honestly, knowledge talaga is power. So it is best to be aware of the dangers of diabetes and help beat diabetes. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Good thing that Ampalaya Plus has this Diabetes Awareness Campaign.

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So I'm encouraging everyone to participate on the campaign and please please do your annual physical exam regularly. Get tested for blood sugar so you'd know early!

Very important to make sure that we are in tip top shape for our families. Our health is sooo precious, we have to take very good care of it.

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