Planning Your Next Movie Trip


If you noticed, I've been doing more and more movie reviews lately. Can't blame me! There are loads of really good movie these days – both local and foreign.

But you have to agree with me that cinema fee are quite expensive now. And my entire family are movie buff. As in all of us loves movies. The #FabSkye even requires a tub of popcorn while watching. Hehehe!

And because there are loads of movies these days, deciding which one to watch is kind of tricky. How many times have you went to the cinema thinking you’ll have a really good time but end up regretting it? Or how many times have you missed a movie and then later on found out that it was actually really good?

Honestly, we don’t just watch movies on the cinema. We also love watching it at home. It’s cheaper. It’s more convenient and we could shout and scream and cry without worrying if our seat mate would end up judging us.

So, let me tell you a secret on how I plan our next movie trip – we visit It’s a site perfect for movie buffs like me. They have loads of movies according to genre and storylines and actors and stuff. You could click on your favorite movie and the site would give you a list of other movies that is very similar to your favorite so could choose what to watch next.

Sometimes we only end up watching those popular movies and would miss out on other really good ones. I tried to click on The Lion King on this site and the first recommendation is James and the Giant Peach which I haven’t watched yet and something I’m very sure my daughter would love. See? Movie planning is so much easier with this site.

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