My Dream Hawaii Getaway

I was browsing through the net for some ideas for our next getaway when I come across these Hawaii rental homes. Oh it’s a dream vacation for us. A nice Hawaii trip would have been perfect and we could rent a beautiful home for my big family.

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No wonder Kris Aquino, Philippine’s very own Queen of All Media, loves Hawaii. She’s been to a lot of countries already but is always raving about Hawaii.

And since I was able to secure a 10 year multiple entry US visa last year, I’m already planning my Hawaii get away. Oh well, it’s still a dream but I guess there’s no harm in planning this early right?

Travelling from Manila to Hawaii would take roughly around 11 hours. Shorter than that travel I did to Minnesota last year. So yey because I think my toddler could handle that.


One of the reasons why I really want to visit this place is because of the climate. They are a tropical country like the Philippines but is also less humid.

I am a tropical girl through and through so I really love the sun and the warmth.



Hawaii is very popular for their beaches. And that’s one of the reasons why I really wanna visit the place. Being a Filipina, my standards when it comes to gorgeous beaches is kinda high. I mean, I’ve been to a lot of beaches in this country and I must say that we have one of the best.

But they say that Hawaii beaches are equally great. And they have different islands that offer different experiences. I wanna discover the Hawaiian Islands and just frolic in the sand and breathe in the culture.

Whale Watching

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I was told that one of the best experiences in Hawaii is the whale watching. Hawaii is a favorite destination of humpback whales from December through May. If we visit in time for the #FabSkye’s birthday, this is definitely one attraction I won’t dare miss.

I remember my dolphin watching experience in Bohol more than 5 years ago. It remains one of my most favorite experience up to this day. And I can’t wait to watch a 45 ton whale do acrobats and stuff in Hawaiian shores.

Maui Island

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The Maui Island has been on my travel bucket list since forever. And I really wanna see the Iao Valley in person. I mean the lush greens and the great view. I just wanna take a selfie with the Iao Valley in my background. That’ll be a major #FeedGoals.

Aside from the Iao Valley, Maui Island is also known for its world-famous beaches. They have white, black and red sand beaches. You could even do surfing, snorkeling, and a whole lot of water adventures.
And Maui Island is also the place to be if you wanna do whale watching. So yey!!!

Family Friendly Fun Activities

Of course, since I have toddler with me, I really need to consider family friendly activities. And while checking out different sites, I was able to come up with some family friendly places in Hawaii that I must include on my itinerary.
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  • Maui Ocean Center: This place is also in Maui so yey! They have 60 indoor and outdoor exhibits that allows you to enjoy and discover Hawaii’s marine life. Kids could encounter stingrays, tropical fish and even turtles. This center also houses the world’s largest collection of pacific corals. If your child, like mine, loves fishes and the sea this is a must visit.
  • Honolulu Zoo: This 42 acres of lush greens that houses different mammals, reptiles, birds and more is definitely worth a visit. It’s always fun to let our kids get up close with different animals. They could learn and enjoy at the same time. It is also relatively cheap as the entrance is only 8$ for adults and 4$ for kids. Not bad eh?
  • honolulu-zoo
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  • Kilohana Estate Kauai: I’m pretty sure my daughters would love to ride the Kauai Plantation Railway while enjoying the lush greens of a restored plantation estate which gives us a glimpse of the life in the 1930’s.
  • kilohana
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  • Bishop Museum Oahu: When I visit a place or a country, I really try to visit at least 1 museum or their public library. It just gives you a glimpse of the culture and the history of the place and it’s a fun learning experience. This museum houses the largest collection of Hawaiian artifacts to it’s must visit.
  • Big Wind Kite Factory: Another fun adventure that I’m sure my little one would enjoy is this. Lots of handmade and colorful kites? We’re in!
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: This is another great place to check out. You could visit 2 volcanoes in the area, one of which is the very active Kilauea. There’s also Thomas A. Jaggar Musuem inside so another thing to check out.
  • National-Volcanoe
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There are loads of other stuff to do in Hawaii. The possibilities are endless and I just can’t wait to visit it one day with my little family.

For now, I guess I have to save save save! And with everything on my list, I can sense it’s not gonna be a one-time visit. No wonder most of the people I knew who’ve been to Hawaii just can’t help but go back over and over again. With the endless tourist destination, you won’t feel bored at all.

How about you mumsh? What’s your dream family vacation?


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