Tips In Selecting Live Fish Bait

I've always wanted to try fishing. My father used to fish in his hometown in Bulacan. So for those of you who is into fishing, let me share some tips in selecting live fish bait for your next fishing trip.


If you wish to increase your catch of the day, you should consider using different types of live bait. But using live fish bait can be tricky. You will need to be extra careful with the bait, ensure that it is alive, and cast it gently so that it remains on the hook. You can use live baits such as leeches, worms, minnows, crickets, crayfish, and grasshoppers to catch freshwater fishes. For saltwater fishes, you should consider using live baits such as eels, crabs, shrimp, squid, and sea worms etc. Here are 4 tips to selecting live fish bait for your next fishing trip. 

Tip 1: Targeting Bass? 

If you plan to catch bass, both smallmouths and largemouths, on your next fishing trip, it is advisable for you to replace your plastic worms with large night crawlers. Night crawlers are perfect baits for bass especially when you target shallow spawning beds. You can also use minnows to target bass; they are well-capable of even attracting trophy caliber largemouths. Smallmouths love crayfish; hence, if you can get your hands on crayfish, you will increase your chances of catching smallmouths. 

Tip 2: Targeting Panfish?

Panfish are easy to catch and they include all species of crappies, sunfish, and perch. It is recommended for you to use worm as bait for the panfish especially when they are tight to the banks of lakes and ponds. However, if you are offshore fishing for panfish, you should consider using a small minnow as your fishing bait. What's great about using a minnow as bait is the fact that it can move freely off the bottom and swim around in areas where crappies may hide. They will be able to reach isolated areas such as submerged trees and shallow stumps. 

Tip 3: Going Trout Fishing? 

We are certain everyone will unanimously agree that fishing with live bait is the best way to catch trout. You can use a minnow as a live bait to catch trout. Many people also highly rate the use of worm as a live bait selection for trout. Trout are also known to take crickets and mealworms drifted in slower pools near the shore. You can use salmon eggs as bait if you are fishing for trout close to the shore. If you are fishing for trout in deep waters, night crawlers can also be a live bait option. 

Tip 4: Fishing For Walleyes? 

Night crawlers are undoubtedly the best live baits for walleyes. However, you can also use minnows to be successful in your quest of catching walleyes. When using minnows, you should hook it on a painted jig head and jig over deep structures and along the edges of grass. Many anglers also use leeches with artificial lures for walleyes located in deep river around large rocks. 

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