Of Rewards and Recognition

I'm a proud working mum. While I sometimes daydream of being a stay-at-home mum with a bottomless bank account no less, I know in my heart that I've always wanted to be a working mum.

First, because I love my job. I find it fulfilling. Knowing that I'm actually helping the world move forward, that I help create a better world. Help make the lives of our customers easy. Help make sure that they are safe. Iba padin eh. Iba yun!

And second, because I've always been a go getter. I know that motherhood is probably my greatest achievement pero kasi pag nanay ka, you can't compete. Hindi healthy. Kasi you can't compare your child to others and hindi mo naman ma-gauge basta basta if you're doing a good job diba? Eh with work, may ratings, may deadlines. Iba ang happiness ko pag alam kong nakaka-deliver ako. Baliw man pero wala! Ganun talaga!

And this year is my toughest year so far. I moved to totally new project  with totally new people and I was expected to do a totally new task. Sabi ko nga, lahat nalang pinagawa ni 2017 sa akin. When I said I will push myself to more than my limit this 2017, sineryoso ng langit! I was pushed, shoved, dragged to more than my limit talaga.

Daming puyat, pagod and nosebleed (because I English all the time now). But kebs! Sa totoo lang, I'm happier now! Feel na feel ko kasi ang achievements ko everytime may nalalagpasan akong hurdles sa job. Siguro kasi, I know for a fact na sooobrang pinaghirapan ko talaga sya. Same feeling when I was finally able to drive my car alone and parallel park it at the same time! Ganun!

Plus my team mates are just awesome. All my efforts are appreciated (feeling ko lang naman).

But still, I miss one thing from our old mother company (our company is under this huge company before until we were sold to another huge company last year teehee), is the performance celebration points

Basta technically, if you did a wonderful job, your manager or whoever it is that you helped could award you points depending on the impact siguro of your task. Dati I would always get a lot of points yearly! Pabibo kasi ako.

And you can use those points to buy stuff from the rewards site. Ang daming pwede! Gadgets, appliances, kikay stuff (they have make up brushes!) and really super dami. But every year, I would always opt for SODEXO Gift Certificates! Hahahaha! Wala ng mas rewarding pa sa SODEXO GC! Believe me!


Parang every year, I would exchange my points to 5000 Php worth of GC or more. Depende sa bibo level ko ng taon na yun.

And every year, my mother would always ask for her share of GC. Antokwa! Ako nagtanim, ako umani, ako nagbayo, ako nagsaing tapos sya kumain lang! Hahahaha!

But the feeling of going to the mall with your GC and all, aaaahhhh! Pure bliss! Feeling ko I could buy anything!

Hindi lang din isang beses ako niligtas ng SODEXO GC ko sa pagkagutom. Because I could use it for groceries, I was able to buy food that would last me until next sweldo. Bilang breadwinner, alam ko ang feeling ng mabuhay from paycheck to paycheck so my SODEXO GC is like my luxury. Kasi aside from groceries, ang dami dami pang merchants that accepts SODEXO. Plus SODEXO GCs have always been and forever will be valid. Also, revalidation and replacement of Sodexo GCs are free of charge once the validity is reached. So no expired GC evah!

I really miss those days of performance points! Iba kasi yung feeling that your manager or a colleague would award you points for your hardwork. At mas ibang klase ng bliss pag kini-claim mo na ang Sodexo GC mo as your reward for working real hard the entire year!!


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