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I had to learn how to drive at 33. And if you know me personally, you'd understand when I say I  consider this as a huge accomplishment.

I had to face my fears and just drive because in this country, public transport is just crazy! And as a mother, I had to do everything on my power to make sure that I could safely bring my child from point A to point B.

When Uber and Grab hit the Philippines, I instantly became one of their avid fans. Ever since then, I've been Uber-ing around the metro. I just can't emphasize how TNVS made my life easy.

But then with the issues with LTFRB, the recent issues with safety (both on drivers and passengers), some issues with their partner drivers not earning much anymore - I got so worried. Hence the decision to buy my own car and learn how to drive.

A few days ago, I had the chance to talk to some people who made me see light.

Apparently, there is a new TNVS coming and it's something that our fellow Filipinos built. So definitely, it is something tailored for the needs of the Filipinos.


It is an app specifically designed and built for the Filipinos. John Codorniz, Technical Operations Head of U-Go, said that they make sure to incorporate all the needs of both drivers and passengers.

Mitch Matias, one of the founding members of PTNO, explained how their group of partner operators and drivers helped in making this a reality.

Norman Castillo, Chairman U-Go, mentioned how they made sure that the partner drivers and operators are well taken-cared of while still maintaining the quality of service we expect from a TNVS.

Features of U-Go That Got Me Really Excited

  1. Safety. One of my major concerns of the other TNVS lately is the safety. Both of the passengers and the drivers. Just recently, a partner driver was killed. My cousins drive for both Uber and Grab, this really got me worried. Also, I use UberPool a lot lately. And I'm starting to get worried about the safety. But U-Go has a feature called the SOS Button. That feature is available on both driver and passenger app. All they have to do is press that button if they ever feel threatened and U-Go would connect them to the nearest PNP station so they could get the help needed. That SOS Alert would work even without the internet as well because it'll use the sms feature of the phone. The partner-drivers are also required to submit forms of identification and must be accredited by PTNO to ensure that they are of good moral character. While passengers are now required to submit an ID upon registration. If you're a mum and you plan to book for your kid, you could provide your kid's info or the yaya's. then they'll just show their ID to the drivers. A lot of safety features are considered so I'm really really happy!
  2. Accessibility. U-Go is accessible not just via app but also via web and sms (text). Atleast vi that feature, my daughter's old school Nokia could be used to book for a ride. I could also monitor it via web while I'm on my laptop.
  3. Scheduled Rides. I used to book for my daughter's ride to school. Most of the time, hassle because I have to really wait for the time and hope that there's a driver available right away. But now, I could just schedule a ride and I'll be sure that there's a partner driver available for my daughter.
  4. On Route Rides. If I wanna be a part-time partner driver, I could enable this feature so I would only pick up riders that's on the way.
  5. Built with the Driver's Needs In Mind. I honestly believe that if we want our drivers to give us exemplary service, they must be well compensated. With U-Go, they offer only 10% system fee for each ride and they have a cap. So it means, once that cap is reached, the drivers could earn more. They also offer better and reachable incentives for the drivers. Definitely, under U-Go, the driver's could earn more. Yay for me because I want happy drivers!

I'm super excited with the launch of U-Go. Right now they are targeting to go live around January next year. I am so excited! First because it's truly Filipino and second because of all the exciting features mentioned above.

PNTO is having their 2nd TVNS Convention this coming Friday to Sunday (10-12 November). A lot of stuff are in store for drivers and passengers. Visit their Facebook page to know more.

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