5 Ways to De-Stress When the Kids Are With Grandma

Most days, I feel like I've been running like a headless chicken with loads of things to do. So every time my mum would say she could look after my child, it's like a thousand Lea Salonga singing to my ears. I saw this nice article with tips on how to spend your day away from the kids and I think it's perfect! Kulang lang ng reading a book. And I'm all set!
Grandparents are heaven sent. If not for them, how can we take a day off from parenting without paying for a sitter? Weekends at grandma’s house is not just a great time for kids and granny to bond together, it is also an opportunity to get some breathing space at your own home and de- stress from the everyday demands of work and parenting. Thus, you should make the best out of that “free” day with some tricks and hacks to help you de- stress and revitalize your mind and senses.

Here are some awesome ways to make your day- off more relaxing and will help you get rid of stress.
  1. Midori Cocktails. Relax your senses and be in a great mood by mixing some good Midori cocktails and just lounging around. A bit of alcohol can help you calm your nerves and make you release some heavy emotions. Midori cocktails are easy to make and fun to mix with fruits and other drinks. You will surely have a great time with your partner and having the house all to yourself. 
  1. Workout at Home. As the movie Legally Blonde beautifully puts it, “exercise makes people happy,” and this could not be any truer in real life. Working out releases endorphins that help fight off stress and make a person feel good about herself or himself. So, if you’ve been postponing wearing those yoga pants because housework is very demanding, it is time to slip on it and start moving around. 
  1. Work on Your Plants. Gardening and taking care of plants are some of the best ways that parents, especially moms, de- stress themselves. Not only does the sight of a beautiful garden or of healthy plants inside the home make someone feel good, the act of planting and gardening is actually therapeutic for many and it helps them release much of the stress they experience. 
  1. Invite Friends Over for a Movie. Good friends are always there to cheer you up and some friendships even withstand the test of time and the test of adulthood. Being around people you love helps relieve a lot of stress. So start making plans and invite the gang to enjoy an afternoon of movies and popcorns. 
  1. Take a Hot Bath. There’s a nothing that can a replace a good hot bath in a late afternoon on a weekend while listening to your favorite relaxing music. Take a dip, soak in the water and feel the stress leaving your body. You can do this with your wife or husband for a more intimate and enjoyable time. Plus, you don’t need to spend money just to enjoy it. 

Having a time off is healthy for you and your system. It helps you energize and refresh so you don’t get bug down by stress or burnout. Remember to always take care of yourself in every little way, because your well- being plays a major role in being a good parent.

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