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I know that most of the time, us mothers tend to forget ourselves and disregard even our own health for the sake of our family.

We’d forget sleep. Sometimes we’d even forget to eat properly because there are butts to be washed, hands to clean, worksheet that needs to be checked, etc. etc.

And for a working mum like me, it seems like everything is doubled. I have a career to take care of. I have a work-deadline. Plus I still have to home school my daughter. And most of all be a mother.

Honestly, I’m very much guilty of disregarding my own health because I’m looking after my family and because I’m busy with work.

But then, we all know that it’s not right. If we want to be good mothers, we should be strong and healthy. A grumpy, sickly mum is not a good mum. And I’ve proven that again again.

As mothers, we should take care of ourselves. We must ensure that we are healthy and strong for our family. Also, we must look good. And not forget to take care of our body just because we are mums now.

I know I am guilty as charged. I am now lumpy and grumpy and unhealthy. I don’t like my body. I don’t look good in most of my clothes.

My recent visit to the doctor gave me a wake-up call. I am overweight, I have developed some health issues because I don’t eat healthy and I don’t exercise. And my doctor says I’m fat. No longer the fashionista that she used to know.

I can’t even carry my daughter now. Because my own body is heavy. How can I carry more weight?

I feel really bad that it seems like I’ve forgotten myself. And so I am determined to make a change. I’ve started slowly early this year. I’m seeing some improvements already but I know that it’s time to make hard action.

So I plan to enroll myself to the gym. Yeps. Work out. Exercise. My doctor says that’s what I need. But damn I am not really the exercise type of girl. Even before, if I want to lose weight, I’d stop eating rice or would go on a starch-free diet. But I won’t exercise. Ever.

But well, I guess now I have to. And I must because I wanna take care of my daughter and because I wanna go back to my confident, happy and strong self.

And because fashion makes me happy, I’ve found a way to make this whole gym-thing better.

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Have you heard of Fabletics? Yep! That affordable athleisure brand co-founded by Kate Hudson! I found them while checking out Fabletics on Pinterest Yah know, I’m trying to look for nice work out looks. Nyahahha!

And oh my gosh! Fabletics make working out look sooo stylish! And they are the one of the more affordable brands too. I could totally see myself rocking these looks while at the gym.

So yeah, I guess I could do this afterall.

Gym? Here I come! 

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