Santa, I’ve Been Nice


Christmas is just around the corner. And oh my! Honestly, I‘m feelin’ a bit crazy with life these days that I almost forgot to buy presents for my godchildren. It’s just yesterday that I got the chance to by gifts for my daughter.

And since every year, maswerte na if may gift akong matanggap (usually I’d only get gifts from my bestfriends and my husband), I decided to do this Christmas wish list. I’d pick one or two from this list and gift myself coz I deserve it.

Come on?!

1. A new phone. I’m happy with my Oppo R7 phone but I want a new one. A new one with bigger storage capacity. I’m eyeing the ASUS one but I’m not yet sure. I need to save up on this.

2. A new perfume. Coco Chanel says that a woman should have a signature scent. I'm kinda getting tired of my old signature scent so I want something different. Something that would represent the new me.

3. New running shoes. Shoes for Crews got some decent running shoes. I need them because I wanna bring the sexy back. And let’s start with some running shoes. Hahaha!

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, The Original Screenplay. Because I’m a Potterhead. Period.

5. Pandora Charm. My pandora bracelet is empty. Super bare. I need a charm.

6. Airplane pendant. The airplane represents me in so many ways. My job. My passion for travelling. My carefree self.

7. Tennis Gear. My office crush is so much into tennis these days and so I wanna try some of the items on Tennis Express. I love tennis. I do play way back in college. So I guess it's time to go back?

I guess that’s it for now. Santa, I’ve been nice. Can you give me all seven of them? Hahahha!

Anyway, aside from those six, I’m checking out Groupon Coupons for some other nice deals. Yah know. Because it’s always nice to shop when it’s on sale! You may also check out their FB and Twitter accounts for updates.

** This post is brought to you by Groupon. But all opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.

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