Should You Have Laser Hair Removal?

I’m a fan of laser hair removals. If you haven’t heard it, then you are hiding on a rock. After all, shaving and waxing is time consuming and often annoying. But you should never have any clinical procedure done until you fully understand it and make sure that you qualify for it.

Here are some tips on laser hair removals that you should know:

Your Skin Tone Can Impact Your Laser Hair Removal Results

Well apparently, not everyone can be treated by every type of laser device. When it comes to the clinical hair removal process, those with darker hairs and lighter skin often have the best results. That's because many lasers target darkness (the hair) by differentiating it from lightness (the skin).

Because of that, the laser skincare industry has evolved a lot over the years to make sure that those with darker skin can also be treated effectively. If your skin happens to be dark, you may just have to look harder to find laser hair removal equipment that is specifically designed to treat darker skin.

The Hair Removal Results Won't be Immediate

Most of us expects that after our laser hair removal treatment, our visible hair will immediately disappear during the procedure and that they will never return. Both, of course, are inaccurate.

First of all, it can actually take up to 10 days or so for the hairs to fall out after your laser treatment. Because the lasers target the hair follicles (roots). When those roots are damaged, the hairs will slowly begin to fall out.

Second, it is virtually impossible to have a single laser treatment and have the hair never come back at all. Regrowth always occurs after a while, which is why most clinics perform laser hair removal treatments in a series of sessions (usually 8-10). Once your series of several sessions is over, the clinic may even recommend that you come back for routine maintenance visits yearly or every other year.

Results Are Never Guaranteed When You Have Laser Hair Removal Treatments

You should be aware that different people's bodies respond to laser hair removal treatments in different ways. That's why clinics can't ever guarantee exact results. Some people need fewer sessions than others or see results faster or slower than others. If you have a series of sessions and don't see the results that you want, you may have to explore other options, such as electrolysis.

Choose Your Laser Treatment Clinic Wisely

This is very important because I once was a victim of a a cheap but incompetent clinic. Choosing whether or not to have laser hair removal treatment done and choosing the exact type of laser device you need for your skin are only a couple of the things you have to consider prior to treatment. Ask them out, research about it.

Make sure you go to a respectable clinic. We all know that there are fraudulent laser hair removal offices out there. Those who run them don't have the proper training or credentials to perform the procedures safely. So, be sure that you check out clinics in your local area carefully. Verify credentials and reputations and ask a lot of questions before you settle on a specific skincare clinic to perform your treatments. You should never have any medical procedure done unless you completely trust the professionals involved.

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