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I used to be a sleep addict. There you go! I said it. And now that my daughter is almost three, at long last I could finally have longer sleep. Hallelujah!

We ditched our old bed when my daughter was 4 months old because she fell on the bed thrice. But now, I think I am ready to get another awesome bed for our little family.

I’m not really very picky with the bed frame, actually I’m just thinking of just having a custom made one by our friendly carpenter neighbor. But the mattresses? That’s a different story!

I am very picky with the mattress. I want a firm one but not too firm. I want a relaxing mattress but not too soft. I am even considering a memory foam one, because hey! Momnesia! I want a mattress similar to those on the hotels because honestly, sleep is super important for this working mum.

But getting a mattress is no joke. Good thing I found this Groupon Goods. They have almost everything and the prices are awesome. Well, way beyond awesome actually because of the hefty price off. I’ve been checking out Groupon since yesterday because I want to get them all. The offers are really tempting.

Yah know, I wanna have a nice “breakfast in bed” flat lay really soon.

Can youo guys help me choose which to get from Groupon? Comment away!

** This post is brought to you by Groupon. But all opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.

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