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When I met the husband, he's already a smoker. But when I got pregnant and eventually gave birth to the #FabSkye, he knew he has to stop or else I'll go cray cray on him.

So when I gave birth tapos nag smoke sya and entered our room smelling like a chimney, asahan mo, away na yun ng matinding matindi. Asthma runs in both our families, so ang anak ko, more chances of winning sa asthma tapos sya mag smoke lang? Ermergerd!

That's why he eventually shifted into vaping. No more chimney smell and our lives became a whole lot peaceful.

My husband used 2 kinds of mod – a Pico and a Dimitri. He also uses 2 kinds of atomizer – an Amelia RDA and a Crius RDTA. He has been into vaping for around 3 years now. So technically, he is one of the first few who started this vaping craze.

Vaping is a huge part of my husband's life. Yan ang "gadget" nya sa buhay. And living with him, medyo familiar na din ako sa ins and outs of his vaping life.


He loves tinkering his vape. He would always "build" his vape so it could produce more smoke or so it would taste better.

So when our friends from Pandora Wire sent us their wires, we are more than happy to try them out. Unfortunately, the wire given to us didn't fit his current vape set up. But he was able to try it out using a friend's vape.

Here's what he thinks of the Pandora Wire:

  1. It is good for cloud chase.
  2. The wire helps enhance the flavor of his juices. Unlike ordinary coils, Pandora Wire is definitely so much better.
  3. He used 2.4mm guide with 4 wraps for his build.
  4. According to him, it is also easy to build. The coils are easy to set up.
Technically, the Pandora Wire offers different type of wires suitable for different vapers. According to them they are also the wire that has the best vapor and flavor in the market today. A claim that was proven true by my husband.

Their staggered fused clapton wire comes in 2 gauges – 28ga and 26ga. They also offer other wires that comes in two types of materials – Pure Kanthal (a1) and Kanthal (a1) x Nichrome (n80).

Here are the other products that they have: Twisted clapton - 28ga and 24 ga, Super clapton - 24ga and 26ga, Staggered fused clapton - 26ga and 28ga, Tidal - 26ga and 28ga, and Tiger - 24 ga and 26ga.

So if you are also into vaping like my husband, you may try Pandora Wire. You may get in touch with them through their FB Page.

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