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A couple of weeks ago, we got invited by our friends from Sweet and Fit to visit the Stevia Farm in Bulacan.

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Being one of their partner brand ambassadors, I felt that it is my duty to see how Sweet & Fit are made and make sure that the Stevia Farm is really of top-notch quality. It is something I religiously use now and my family too.

The Stevia Farm is located Bulacan. Actually, the Stevia plant did not originate from Philippines, but the makers of Sweet and Fit finds ways to make them grow locally giving jobs to our local farmers.

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Another good news is that the Stevia Farm is now open to the public. Our country now supports eco-tourism and so places like the Stevia Farm is being endorsed as one of the go-to places to visit. Perfect for school field trips.

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In this farm, they won't only see different plants but would learn a lot about farming, about the different types of plants, about stevia and all about the lives of our farmers. It's sad that most kids now, see farming as something like a dead end. Parang, wala na. If you're a farmer, you'll be poor. Pero mali eh. We need farmers. We need our farmers to feel empowered. We must help them earn para di sila maubos kasi hello? Magugutom tayong lahat!

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On that day, Sweet & Fit awarded the winner to their mascot design contest and had celebrity chef, Chef Boy Logro, sign an exclusive contract as their celebrity endorser.

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Sweet & Fit are doing their best to introduce their products to the people. And as their online ambassador, I am helping them do it.

You must probably ask me why?

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Well, as mentioned on my previous post, my family has a history of diabetes. And then ngayon lang, high blood. A couple of my relatives were hospitalized because of high blood.

So I am really making an extra effort to keep my family healthy and Sweet & Fit is one of my trusted brand to make sure that we are living healthy.

No more sugar in this household. We have replaced them with Sweet & Fit. For our coffee, milk, chocolate drink and even in cooking. Yes! We use stevia sweetener for our food and it actually tastes better. Why do you think they invited Chef Boy Logro to endorse them? Kasi Sweet & Fit is actually perfect in cooking and baking. I plan to bake cookies soon for the #FabSkye and use Sweet & Fit para sure akong healthy padin. Masyado na sya nasasanay sa sugary stuff.

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Did you know that toddler who has constant runny nose is cause by over consumption of sugary food and milk? Kaya I really try to make sure that I balance Skye's sugar consumption kasi nga we have history of asthma. Ayoko mauwi sa asthma yung mga ganung bagay. No way!

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It feels so great to partner with a brand that helps me and my family be healthier. Plus, I got to help our local farmers by buying local products that is locally produced here giving a sustainable source of income to our farmers. And their farm is super pretty too!!

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Aside from stevia plants, ang tataba ng mga oregano sa kanila! Hihihi..

Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (18)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (16)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (12)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (11)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (10)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (7)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (6)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (5)Sweet-Fit-Stevia-Farm-ReigningStill (3)

For more details you may visit their Facebook Page.

** This is a sponsored post.

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