Guess Where Alden Celebrates His 24th Birthday?

You all know that I'm a  huge #ALDUB fan. Yeah. Yeah. Sue me. But well, I can't help it. I am #TeamReplay. I join twitter parties. Being part of the #ALDUBNation is so much fun. And my grandma is one too. My 80+ year old grandma is a huge ALDUB fan as well. She was here last December coz Calumpit got flooded (again) and we would spend hours and hours talking about Alden and Maine.

I love those two. As in. I love how fashionable and "real" Maine is. And I love Alden's genuine personality. I met him during My Bebe Love's blogcon last December and I must say that he really seemed genuine.

Alam mo yung parang mabait? And not just because he's a celebrity. Iba kasi eh. Iba yung "feels" nya. When speaking to you, he would ask for your name and would call you by your name. Very polite. Mabait. When I met him, nasabi ko nalang talaga na "so the rumors are true, mabait nga sya".

So when I learned that he decided to celebrate hi 24th birthday with Aetas in Sitio Gayaman in Bambam, Tarlac - di na ko nagulat. He is someone who really wants to give back. Every year he would treat his Aldenatics to a day out or overnight fun just because they are his fans.

Alden spent the day singing, dancing and giving out gifts to the Aetas. He even danced with them! Imagine Alden doing a katutubo dance? Ang gwapo lang. For sure.


Grabe. I love this young man. Very religious. God fearing. Definitely polite and nice. He loves his fans. He is such a warm person. No wonder he was blessed beyond belief.

This is the type of man I pray for own daughter. Diba? Pag God fearing kasi, okay na eh. As in okay na lahat.

Good luck and God Bless You more Alden! :) Continue being a good example to our youth. And Happy, Happy Birthday from your avid mummy fan. Mwah!


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