Zomato Summit: Bringing Restaurants to the Digital Age

Internet and Social Media changed our lives in so many ways. I still believe that it’s one of the best inventions of mankind. With internet, our world became smaller. Information is now on our fingertips. I always say that nowadays, not knowing can be considered a crime. A blasphemy. ‘Coz all you have to do is consult Google or Twitter or Facebook, and you’d definitely have the answers you need. And that includes information on restaurants all around the metro and even abroad.

I, for one, has been using the Zomato App on my phone to find the best place to dine. I blog hop for ideas on my next food adventure. Gone are the days when you’d have to try a restaurant first or call a friend of a friend of a friend to get information about a specific restaurant. Now, all I have to do is check on Zomato. Search for the restaurant I have in mind or browse thru their categories if I’m craving for something specific but I don’t know where to get it. Most importantly, I could get ideas on where to find them and how much a meal cost.

With that, I really think that restaurants should invest more and take advantage of this technology to gain visibility, and promote their services and products especially on platforms with a wider reach such as blogs and Zomato.

Online visibility not only allow you to promote your brand but it could also open the communication line between restaurants and their customers.

Who among you here refer to blog reviews first before going to a specific restaurant? I do! Who among you here would definitely order the same drool-worthy dish that you saw on a blog? I would! And who among you here would definitely opt out a specific restaurant from your must-try list if you hear horror stories? I do!

That’s why I love my Zomato app even more. It serves as a venue for me to publish my reviews and read my fellow foodie’s review. I love it even more because it serves as a way for the restaurant owners to be informed of the bad feedback and take action.

Generally, having digital visibility plays an important part in the success of the food industry. It can either make or break the business. They should really need to be wise enough to take advantage of its benefits, and use any negativity to improve and grow as a business.

Building a restaurant’s online presence and promoting brands in the digital age will be one of the topics in the first ever local Zomato Restaurant Summit to be held on May 19. The event, which the theme Conquering the Digital Age, will bring together restaurateurs and foodies to talk about how restaurants can level up their games in the digital stage. Other topics include the evolution of Philippine restaurants and food tourism. For more information about the Summit, visit https://www.facebook.com/ZomatoSummit.





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