Review: Finestra (Solaire Resort & Casino)

The first stop of our Solaire x Zomato Food Crawl is Finestra. Solaire’s Italian restaurant.
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The moment we entered Finestra, we were already very much overwhelmed with the grandiose of the place. It definitely screams Italian elegance with those beautiful chandeliers, plush seats and elegant table setting.
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I notice that they have tables for big groups and small intimate ones. The wrap around patio and glass wall overlooking Manila Bay is perfect for that romantic dinner with your love ones. Class and elegance at it’s finest.
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They also have an open bar with wines and liquors on display. We we’re not able to try those of course but I guess it’s worth mentioning.
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We we’re introduced to Finestra’s chef and saw the open kitchen. The chef has been kind enough to tell us all about their anniversary dish and a little bit about Finestra, which means “windows” in English by the way.
Finestra-Solaire (10)
We tried Saltimbocca Alla SorrentinaFinestra’s anniversary dish. It’s braised veal with speck ham and buffalo mozzarella plus cherry tomatoes.
Finestra-Solaire (11)
I was already salivating just looking at the dish. And when I tasted it, OMG! It was delicious. The meat is soft and juicy. The cheese added so much flavor to the already flavorful meat. And the tomatoes added a little sweetness and a bit of tangy flavor. It was divine.
Finestra-Solaire (9)
I help myself to another serving even if I know I should be leaving some space coz we have 5 more restaurants to visit. I just can’t say no to the mozzarella. I swear. :)
This dish costs Php 900++ in Finestra but I must say, with that kind of quality and taste, plus the breath taking view and experience, it is definitely worth it.
When: 03 March 2015
Where: FINESTRA, Solaire Resort and Casino
What: Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Summary of Review: Such a beautiful place. The wrap around patio overlooking Manila Bay is perfect for intimate dinner with loved ones. Their anniversary dish is to die for. Perfect blend of meat and cheese and cherry tomatoes. Definitely worth a visit.


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