Give One, Get One: A FoodPanda and Mommy Bloggers Philippines Challenge

A good blogger friend of mine, Jacq of Jacq Writes World, nominated me on the MBP X Food Panda Give One, Get One Challenge.

Here are her questions and my corresponding answers:

  1. If you could only eat 3 things for the rest of your life, what would these be and why? Bagoong, Maki and Tinola. Those three are my favorites na hindi ko pinagsasawaan. Tinola is just a recent favorite (napaglihian ko ata) but I could eat them over and over again.
  2. What were your food cravings when you were pregnant with Skye? I’m not sure. I think I started liking tinola when I was pregnant with Skye but I never had specific cravings talaga.
  3. What is your hubby's fave dish? Fried chicken and sinigang. And he would pair them up! Crazy diba?!

There you go Jacq! :) Okay ba?!

Now, it’s my turn to nominate. I am nominating May Palacpac of Fully Housewifed to do this challenge too and here are my questions.

  1. What’s your fail-proof recipe for kids? As in yung patok na patok for them.
  2. Best Japanese restaurant for you.

Hey May, post your answers on your blog and nominate a fellow MBP too. :)

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Give one, get one


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