On Getting Our Own Place


Right now, our little family still lives on my parent’s house. So basically, I need to stuff all our things into my old bedroom that I share with my sister. And it’s not easy. Skye’s things alone are just too much. We all feel cramped already. And of course, I want a place for my baby where she could freely move around. If only my parents live in a mansion!

Aside from that, of course I want a home for my family where I could be queen. Right now, Mila’s still the queen of the household. It’s her say. It’s their house anyway. So one of my future goal is to get ourselves our own little space.

And like the rest of the 60% of the renter’s population (data lifted from http://www.lamudi.com.ph/research/), the main reason why I live with my parents is because – I still cannot afford to buy. Or so I think.

Renting Over Buying

But as they say, NOW is the best time to invest. I’ve read somewhere that this age is the rise of the middle class. A big proof is the fact that a lot of international brands are opening their stores here. That’s because Filipinos, even if we always claim we are poor, have the buying power!

Aside from that, Filipinos are more intelligent now. I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends and colleagues are actually burying their noses on stocks, mutual funds, insurance and investments. We all know how hard it is to earn money. So we are wiser in spending them.

Real Estate Investment Timeline

That’s why, the ReigningTatay and I are actually looking into investing on a property – a place we could call home. Our own little kingdom. I want my own bedroom. I want the #FabSkye to have her own bedroom. I want a walk-in closet. A garage. Our own kitchen. Sino ba namang Nanay ang hindi nangangarap ng sariling bahay? But most of all, I want security!

Ayoko naman na pag napalayas kami ng pamilya ko sa bahay ni Mila, eh wala akong magagawa diba? Remember what happened to Maegan Aguilar after that gulay incident with Ka Freddie?! Naku! I don’t want that to happen. :(

Buying Property

Plus, most of the time, that one big dream we all have is owning a house. Pag sumali nga sa contest at nanalo ng milyon, bahay agad ang sinasabing unang bibilhin.

So I’m actually glad I come across Lamudi and read about their intensive research on Real Estates in the Emerging Markets.


They have in-depth analysis and comprehensive details on the Philippines’ property market. And I’m so glad to let you all know that the property market here in the Philippines is actually positive. The best time to invest is NOW!

And they even show the popular property location, so we’d know where to invest. Helpful! Helpful!

Popular Property Locations in Metro Manila

Medyo na-haggard lang ako sa GDP pero keri lang! Bottomline, the future looks bright for us who wants to get our own place. And it’s one of the best decision we could ever make.

So for now, let me get back on my research. Aba! Dapat pag-aralan ang mga ganitong bagay. Hindi naman piso ang bahay no!! Buti nalang talaga may mga gumagawa ng research for us. It’s easier!

If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, visit the Lamudi research here.


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