Christmas Gift Ideas

Ola! Are you done with your shopping? Not yet? Oh my Gee! Why oh why?! You know that Christmas actually happens on the same day every year right? Haven’t you learned your lesson? Grabe ka! Well, AKO RIN! bwahahaha!
Every year, I keep on telling myself to shop early. Make a list and stick to it. Have a budget and stick to it. Do not cram. Wag sumabay sa traffic at sandamukal na shoppingero’t shoppingera. But every year, I fail! Potek!
So this post is for you, my dear ReigningReader, who’s still trying to finish her Christmas list. I am here to save the day, or Christmas for that matter.
Gift Idea No. 1: Sweets for your sweets!
You could never go wrong with sweets! How about a yummy cake for your boss or your boyfriend or probably your bf’s mum or a friend with a sweet tooth? Or probably a box of brownies or putoflan for your officemates/teammates that is perfect for sharing. Oh diba? Just get a couple of boxes and have them get their share. Tipid na, sweet pa! Literal na sweet. :) Or probably some cupcakes? Oh my! I love receiving cupcakes on Christmas. Sweets are also perfect for your doctors – OB, pedia, the pedia’s secretary, family doctor, dentist (hihihi!). And I know just the perfect place to get it!
My Sweet’s Haven!!! Facebook page is here and the IG page is here. Go ahead! Check it out. You can actually thank me later. Just a tip, get those super sikat Puto Flan. Again, you can thank me later. ;-) frame_sea
Gift Idea No. 2: Personalize it!
Why not personalize it? Personalized everything is such a trend now. May it be phone or ipad cases, mugs, tumbler, picture puzzle. And the best thing is it’s personalized! So it feels more special. Again, I know the perfect place to order those – JTS Powerprint! You can check out their Facebook page here. :) That’s where I got our couple’s mug and my apple gadgets’ cases. Superb quality print. I promise. frame_sea (2)
Gift Idea No. 3: Cloth Diapers!
Okay. You could call me biased but hello?! Cloth diapers are probably one of the best gifts you’ll ever give to your inaanaks or your pamangkins or your baby or your mummy friends! I swear I got to save loads just by making Skye wear cloth diapers. We started with just 2 and then we got another 3 on her christening and I bought another 2 and then the rest is history. But just owning 5 pieces are a big help already. Super tipid. Skye’s 28pcs disposable diaper would usually last for almost a month. That’s because we still use diaper at night and when we are out. Pero really! Imagine the savings diba? And you got to help save mother earth. Hahah! #ShamelessPlug
Again, I know the perfect place to get the diapers!! Visit the #FabSkye Ukay’s photo album here.frame_sea (3)
Gift Idea No. 4: Human Nature Baby Products!
Another #ShamelessPlug, but more than that – I swear by Human Nature Baby Products! Perfect for your inaanaks, pamangkins and all the babies that you love. Perfect because Human Nature also offers gift bundles. Oh diba?! May balot na may gift card pa. Aabot mo nalang talaga. You can check out the other Human Nature Baby Products here and PM me for orders. ;-) No need na makipagsiksikan sa malls and line up on the cashier. Just check it out and let me know what you want. :) I’ll handle the rest. :)
frame_sea (4)
Gift Idea No. 5: Other Human Nature Products!
We are now a Human Nature Household. We use shampoo to conditioner to the dishwashing liquid to my favorite sunflower oil. And we love everything! Eversince I had a baby, I became very particular with the amount of chemicals we are using at home. Ayoko naman na all natural ang baby ko tapos kami puro chemicals diba? Perfect also because Human Nature offers gift packs. Again, it’s wrapped and with gift cards pa. :) They have something for everybody – Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, friends, etc! Everyone’s covered.
frame_sea (5)
Gift Idea No. 6: Lazada!
Alright! If you noticed, all of the options I mentioned can be bought online. Eh kasi nga cramming na! We want to do it even at the office. During lunchbreaks or snacks or even mobile! Dapat efficient. So remember the Lazada 11-11 Online Revolution? They are cooking up something for 12-12 too!! Amazing right?! Great deals await their online shoppers on 12-12!! Pero kung hindi na makahintay, you can always visit Lazada anytime. They have EVERYTHING! Fashion, gadgets, appliances. Everything! Go ahead and click on the Lazada banner on your right and browse thru their items. I won’t post the sample products here na ah? Grabe sa dami eh. Kulang ang space sa blog ko. :) Will blog about the 12-12 Lazada Sale soon, so you’d have more idea on what’s in store for you. :)

I know! I know! My secrets are now out. Akala nila, nakipagsiksikan ako sa malls to finish my Christmas shopping pero no! I did all using a few clicks. Ganyan na talaga dapat! Efficient diba?
You can still join my giveaway pala. Aba! You can cross out some names on your list if ever you won. Mechanics are so easy. Or you could join the bestfriend’s giveaway. Php 1000 GCs for a restaurant in BGC? Perfect for a lunch or dinner treat for your friends or family. Oh diba?!
Goodluck on your shopping ReigningReaders. Goodluck na din sa traffic! :)


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