36 Days of Awesome Buqo Christmas


Have you guys heard of Buqo? If you are a bookworm like me and you love reading magazines, then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them. :) Buqo is like an online bookstore – where your top magazines and books are available for download. I’ve first heard of it when my favorite radio DJ’s who also has books says that The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2 is available on Buqo. And since I’m now reading e-books and e-magazines more (to save up on space and because I have my gadgets anywhere anyway), Buqo is like my new wonderland.

So now that you’ve met Buqo, let me tell you a small secret. :) I have heard from the tweety birds that Buqo has caught the generosity bug this Christmas Season and has prepared a series of gifts for all of us bookworms.36Days header image PR 

So now let me present to you – the 36 Days of Buqo Christmas! Coz apprently, 12 days is just not enough. Here’s the deal, Buqo offers a new gift everyday for 36 days. They will be giving away a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE DAY from November 26 up to the very last day of 2014. Extended ang Christmas!! That’s a total of 36 books and magazines. Ang saya!! Paskong pasko na talaga. :)

36Days_app-store-banner  image PR (caption - Look for this banner in the buqo store)

So how does it work?

Simple. Starting tomorrow, November 26 at exactly 11am, a new book or magazine will be unveiled on Buqo’s social media accounts as the featured freebie. That book or magazine will be available for FREE download for 23hrs. So you have 11am till 10am the next day to get it. Then at exactly 11am, a new freebie will be up for grabs! Ang saya diba?

You can download from the Buqo website or the Buqo app, available on both Android and iOS. I have a Buqo app on iPad now. Ehem! Certified bookworm nga diba?

So are you excited for the first gift tomorrow?

36Days Social image PR (caption - Watch put for these announcements on Social Media)

Ako din!!!! So make sure you follow Buqo on their social media accounts now! follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you’d be first to know the featured freebie of the day for 36 days.

Ayan ha! I’ve been giving you tips on how to make your Christmas merrier because I love you all. :) And feel free to share too! Aba! It’s Christmas anyway so let’s spread the love and generosity daba? You may share this post on you social media accounts using the following hashtags: #buqopromo #36DaysofBuqoChristmas #freebooks #freemagazines! Para masaya. :)

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