Review: She’s Dating The Gangster (by Bianca Bernardino)


Because it’ll be a KathNiel movie soon, I borrowed my bestfriend’s copy of this book and read it post-partum.

It’s such an easy book to read. I can totally see why Kathryn and Daniel was chosen to play the roles of Athena and Kenji respectively. And I’m sure it’ll be a big hit considering the book is already popular on its own.

I love reading books by Filipino authors. I actually promote them. Coz if we can spend Php300++ for foreign books, why not spend Php150++ on local ones right? Besides, our authors are just as great.

Although I like the storyline and lightness of the book, I honestly think that the publishers should have proofread the book first before printing. I can see loads of typo errors and well, alot of grammatical errors as well. There are also times when the pacing of the story is kinda weird. There are a couple of times when I’d find myself thinking “ano na ulit yung nangyayari?”. And since I am a QA, I noticed alot of inconsistencies with regard to the plot. And being a true blue bookworm who usually found herself so involved in a book, I find this inconsistencies irritating. Okay na okay na yung pag-iimagine ko eh. Tapos biglang gugulo. Hahahahaha! Badtrip!

But, despite all it’s flaws, I can say that this book is still a nice read. This is still something that you’d like to finish. Kahit medyo sumakit ang ulo ko sa grammar at sa typo error, pinakilig nya padin ako. Pinasaya. Pinatawa. And that alone is a start. I think Bianca Bernardino is a young writer. So there! Kudos to you. And you still have the rest of your life to hone your talent. I hope I’d read you again someday, and this time, it’ll be a whole lot better. :)


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