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This is what I wore on my Ocean Adventure stint in Subic and then went straight to the beach when I saw my friends already having fun with the waves and sand. I just removed the shirt and I’m good to go. That’s one of my secret in packing. I used to bring my entire wardrobe when travelling but I learned the art of smart-packing as I travelled more often.


I make sure I bring key pieces that can be worn multiple times so I wont over pack. Take this cute Terranova romper as an example. I really wanna try Ocean Adventure so I know this is perfect. It’s cotton and cool and comfortable. Perfect outfit as I watch the dolphins play, I just need to cover up a bit to protect my arms from too much sun so I wore this shirt. I also wore my swimsuit underneath the romper while strolling at Ocean Adventure. This way, I am always ready (just in case I decided in an instant to hit the beach) plus its so fashionable. Two birds with one stone. And that’s one set of underwear off my bag!


On beach trips, I would also bring clothes that’ll match a slip-on I wear and the slippers that I bring. Aside from those two, I don’t bring any other things. It’s either slippers + slip-ons or slippers + sandals and nothing more. Shoes take up too much space in the bag so bring pieces that’ll match the other stuff that you bring.


As mentioned above, I usually bring swimsuits and use them as underwear when at the beach. Atleast, just in case my friends decided to carry me and drop me at the waters fully clothed, I wont worry for any wardrobe malfunction. Plus I find swimsuits more secure and comfortable. Even if I’m wearing see-through pieces, I still feel safe.


I also go easy on accessories. I don’t bring metals as they are a big hassle specially at the airports and they are heavy. For this trip, since I stick to the green and blue color palette for my 2days look, I just brought this coral bracelets in green. They are perfect for whatever it is that I’m wearing.

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Swimsuit: Coco Cabana | Romper: Terranova | Shirt: Vintage | Flipflops: Human | Bangle: Cleaning Out Our Closet | Hair: Goody Spin Pins

How are you lovely human beings? :) I am busy looking after the baby brother so bailed off work. I hate not coming to work coz that would usually mean a whole lot of emails and tons of catching up. Tsk!


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