Review: Marionnaud Brushes

Tuesday, December 02, 2014
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Hello fashionable friends. :) Another beauty post for y’all.

One of the things I have learned about make up is the importance of make up brushes. I used to think that it’s really not needed as I could always use my fingers in applying my make up. that brushes are just for the pro.

But, brushes would definitely help you achieve your everyday no-make up- make up look. And for me, my best find when it comes to make up brushes is Marionnaud. :)

You can find Marionnaud brushes in Watsons Store and I swear they are the cheapest, high-quality brush in the market. I tried the others, some are even more expensive than this brush but so far, they are my favorite.

Although there are tons of make up brushes available in the market, I think there are 3 most important ones – foundation brush, blusher/contour brush and eye liner brush (not in the photo). If you have these 3 on your make up kit, you’ll be fine.

Foundation brushes are important in applying foundation and/or BB cream. Although using your ring finger is fine, I find it more convenient to use the brush. First, because it’s less messy and second, because it evens out the application. I love Marionnaud’s Foundation Brush in No. 33. The bristles are soft and it doesn’t fall off easily. Been using mine for more than a year now. I just clean it with brush cleaner as often as I could. This brush only costs around Php 150.00. Super mura!

Marionnaud’s Slanted Blusher/Contour Brush is my go-to blusher brush. It’s not too big nor too small plus I love that it’s slanted making it easier to apply blush. I’m not yet that okay with contouring so I use this mostly on applying creme blush. This one costs around Php 200.00.

Make up is easier with the right tools!

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