Baby Food Recipe: Sweet Potato Puree

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Sweet Potato is high in beta-carotene and vitamin A. It is a great first solid food to introduce to the baby. This is actually my personal favorite because the baby’s pupu is not too smelly. It also doesn’t leave stains on the bib and the diaper unlike banana. Again, make sure that when you must give it to the baby for 3-4days when introducing new food to rule out allergies.

Recommended Age:

6 months and up


What You Need:

1 pcs medium sized Sweet Potato or Kamote
1/2 cup water
Baby Bullet with Baby Blend Blade or any blender/food processor

How To Prepare:

1. Peel and the cut the sweet potatointo small cubes.
2. Boil or steam the sweet potato cubes until tender or soft.
3. Puree the sweet potato using the baby bullet or food processor until smooth. Add water to reach the desired consistency.


Sweet potatoes are starchy so it needs more water to achieve the runny puree consistency. Although now that the ReigningPrincess is almost 7 months old, I try to prepare thicker purees. I am still learning the pulse method on the baby bullet so I could create chunky baby food. So while I haven’t mastered that art yet, I try to lessen the water on the purees I give the baby.


Patricia Cuyugan said...

I used to feed this to my son also when he was starting to eat solids. Sweet potato was one of his favorites.

nhessie a. said...

i used to feed choi with this too but he likes potatoes better. pero he ate it din naman :-)

Celerhina Aubrey said...

And hindi mabaho ang pupu. love it also!

Celerhina Aubrey said...


May Palacpac said...

didn't do the purees with my kiddos, I just did the usual mashing of whatever soften root crop we have, haha.

I am interested in learning how to make them, though, for actual meals.

Celerhina Aubrey said...

We wanted to start with something super soft hence the puree. But now we are trying blw. :)

Peachy Adarne said...

Babies love the texture and flavor of sweet potato no?

Janice Lim said...

I never used sweet potatoes when my kids were learning to eat. But they loved the regular potatoes. :)

Celerhina Aubrey said...

Yep! Super.

Celerhina Aubrey said...

she loves potato also.

Paulline Joy Flores said...

My Mila liked sweet potato when she started with solids pero ngayon ayaw na.

Celerhina Aubrey said...

ngayon ayaw na nya ng pureed and mashed. Hahahahaha! Gusto buo.

id said...

Sweet potato is really healthy. It is not only good for babies, it also good for adults.

Celerhina Aubrey said...

It is!

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