Do I Need More Leggings Now?

Top: Sissy’s | Black Leggings: Mila’s | Foldable Ballet Flats: SM Parisian | Earrings: Divisoria | Bangles: Divisoria

I was trying on some old dresses one morning for work and realized that I am running out of clothes. I’m entering my 6th month in a few days and I still haven’t got a single article of clothing. Actually, I don’t really buy clothes now. I refrain from buying clothes because I’m so afraid I’d get maternity things which I won’t be able to use post pregnancy.

So I’ve been trying very hard to make do of my the existing pieces in my wardrobe.

But the thing is, the belly is growing fast and bigger. I have this thing for bodycon dresses but most of them are short, since I’m a petite girl. Most of my dresses (specially the stretch ones) still fit me but they are becoming too short for work. :(

So now I’m repeating clothes! Don’t get me wrong, I do repeat clothes and I believe there’s nothing wrong with that. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton herself do repeat her clothes, so hello?! Ako pa kaya?! But I believe that you must space out your clothes if you do repeat them. Usually, I’d give my top and dresses some rest for a month or two before repeating them. For shorts and pants, usually 2weeks or more. That way, people won’t notice. Most of the time, my friends would even compliment a specific top or dress and won’t believe me when I say I’ve worn it a couple of times already. I also make sure that when wear something, the focal point would be on one or two items in my outfit and allow the others to be just supporting characters so that when it’s time for the supporting characters to shine, people would really notice them and think they are new.

But now that I’m preggy, I have no choice but to repeat clothes often. My options are becoming short and I really don’t want to spend much. But honestly, I think it’s okay. I still try to do mix and matching to give my outfits some twists if I can. But since I’m sporting more dresses now, it’s becoming more difficult. But I guess it’s okay? As long as I stay fashionable keri na. :) Or as fashionable as one kuripot pregnant lady can.

This is not one of my best look but I’m posting this anyway. To document my everyday sartorial dilemma. Hahahahaha!

But come to think of it, I don’t look bad either!! :)

Promise to do better next time though. And oh! Let me mention that I am now sporting a siopao face! Shocks!!!!




Desiree Orias Rodis♥ said...

wow, sis! you're in 6th month na, ambilis.. parang kahapon lang 4 months :-) ako, 11 weeks, ilang days na lang 3 months na. yey! :-)

iniisip ko rin yang mga everyday to wear, pero, ako im not comfortable wearing leggings, nasisikipan ako, tsaka nagro-roll kasi sya sa bandang waist pag naupo ako. :-) ano na lang pag 6th months na ko ha, hehehe.
buti na lang ung mga dresses ko, medyo maluluwag, so keri pang-buntis.

pero i wear din leggings once or twice a week.

anyway, how's your morning sickness?

reigningstill said...

Leggings are great kasi you could move ng mas maayos. Make sure lang you get those na maganda ang stretch. May mga leggings kasi talaga na hindi ganun ka stretch eh. Good thing Mila has nice ones. :) It really hugs my baby bump kaya maganda.

Naku nasa point ka pa na mukhang kagagaling lang sa Vikings kaya mahirap pa talaga magbihis. If you wear fitted dresses parang busog lang tapos pag loose naman parang Manang. But once you get that bump na halatang halata na sis you'll enjoy your everyday maternity fashion. Promise!

My morning sickness is worst! I had the suka and hilo up to my 4th month tapos occasionally I still have it now. But the good thing is sabi nga nila it means a healthy pregnancy so tyagaan lang. :) Good thing mine happens sa morning na lang talaga. My first trimester umaga and hapon eh. How about you?

Desiree Orias Rodis♥ said...

plan to buy leggings at dresses din pero siguro pag mga 4 months na. :) medyo maliit pa nga ung tyan ko, feeling ko fats pa nga lang sya eh, pero medyo may bump na rin konti :):)

wala akong morning sickness sis. pero ang hirap lang kumain. kasi pag ayaw talaga, kahit anong pilit ko, ayaw talaga nyang tanggapin. grabe! nahihirapan ako sa food, every 20 minutes, nagugutom ako. more fruits na baon lang, pero ayoko masyado ng ponkan at dalandan, umaasim tyan ko. medyo nagsasawa na rin ako sa anmum. :( atsaka pala gusto ko ng chicken at spag sa jabi, hahaha. mga twice a week lang naman un.

tsaka super tamad ako, hahaha. nagrereklamo na si Josef, tamad daw ang baby namin paglabas. pag may nagtatanong nga kung nahihirapan daw ba ko, inuunahan nya ko pagsagot, "nde, pero tamad lang sya". nde na rin ako nageextend sa work, good thing flexi na ko, pag 1224pm ako nag-in 824 pack up na ko, hahaha

ohhhh, i miss you na. i-schedule na natin ang kitakits sa december. :):)

reigningstill said...

Hahahaha! Sis! I'm also tamad din during my fiirst trimester. This blog is a big proof. Tingnan mo July and August ko, sobrang onti ng post. Tapos most of those mabilisan pa. nyahaha..

Kung ayaw nya kumain sis wag mo pilitin. Maganda nga yun, small frequent meals lang. Ako until now ganun. feeling ko kasi now that the baby is big na, cramped na din ang stomach ko so I get full easily. Madami akong crackers and biscuits sa bin ko. Kasi sa madaling araw nagigising ako tapos gugutom. I eat lang something tapos loads of water tapos tulog ulit. Hihihihi.. Maganda daw yung ganun basta wag lang palipas gutom. I also have dried fruits and some nuts to munch on pag nasa byahe or pag nasa office. Yun ang sabi ng OB ko. Hahaha

I miss you too! :) sana nga matuloy ang December meet up natin please!!! And hey! Just message me or txt me or email if you have questions. Hahahahaha! :) Happy pregnancy.

Kyle Rodriguez said...

You look great! There's nothing wrong with repeating clothes. Pero I'll take into consideration your tip about giving clothes a "rest" before repeating them. I just wore my red jeans today that I wore two weeks ago and my friends were like, "Diba nasuot mo na yan??" LOL.

reigningstill said...

You're so sweet Kyle! Thank you. :) Pero yeah! Give them a rest especially items like red jeans, medyo superstar material kasi sila! Pansinin. Hihihihi.. Wear them with something that'll tone it down para di nila mahalata. ;)

Darcy said...

I think you look great! There is nothing wrong with repeating clothes -- especialy if your body is changing! I repeat bottoms way more than I would like to admit... I just really love a couple of my jeans and wear them constantly!

reigningstill said...

Thanks Darcy! Agree. :)

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