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First and foremost, allow me to thank all my wonderful readers! My blog stats showed an overwhelming figure. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :) From the bottom of my heart. I love you all dear readers. :)

And now enough of the cheeseballs and on to our topic.


If you’re a loyal reader, this outfit may look familiar to you. And yes, I’ve already posted it here on my blog (view full blog post here). I wore the exact same outfit sans the shoes and accessories on a day at the mall with the family. Since I wanted a relaxed look, I let my top lose and just went easy on the accessories department. But now since I’m wearing this for work, I decided to tuck my top and wore a slim gray belt. Also wore my lovely CMG flats and put on some gold accessories. I am so much amazed at how different my look was.


FASHION TIP: Tucking in your shirt is a sure way to glam up your look or give it a more smart look. That’s one of the things I would usually do if I plan to wear my casual tops to work. I just tuck them in and put on some belts and I am good to go. And of course, choosing the right pair of shoes is a big key to dressing up. And that why I love my CMG flats, they are so office appropriate!! And could easily smarten up my outfits without overdoing it. :)


I know I said it a million times here on my blog but accessories play a vital role in one’s look. They could easily make or break you. I usually go for golds if I am on dress up days. Golds could easily add glam to your look. I also use accessories if I wanted color on my ensemble. But on this one, I opted to play on gold and basics to tone down my colorful get up. Since I am office-bound, I don’t want my bosses to tell me off for looking like a Christmas Tree in the middle of April.


I love the cool vibe of my top and at first I thought pairing it with them red jeans would be an overkill but I was proven wrong. The red jeans actually added fun and character to my look. And oh! The companion loved it.

Top: Folded n Hung | Pants: Whoops | Flats: CMG | Pink and Gold Butterfly Earrings: from my cousin | Skull Ring: Divisoria | Arm Candy: Divisoria | Belt: G. Gozum | Lippies: Covergirl in Hot Passion

What can you say about my look? :) Please feel free to leave a comment for anything you wanna share. And again, thank you to my dear readers for showing me so much love.


Borjana Radovic said...

Well hello gorgeous;-)

Danielle F said...

love the red pants!


Jerellt Andrade said...

Please feel free to leave a comment for anything you wanna share. <-- Uhhhmmmm... Can I share the "walang kamatayang" legend of the red pants? Teehee! :p

reigningstill said...

Wore those red pants last Wednesday! ahahahaha.. Bagay nmn sa akin ang red pants db?

reigningstill said...

Thanks Danielle! :)

reigningstill said...

Hello Aneta. :)Followed you back on twitter. Don't know gfc but I'll work on it. :) Thank you for dropping by!:)

Sha Sanchez-Ricafort said...

Uy I love the pants, Aubrey! At first time kong mag comment sa blog mo and I don't know what took me so long! LOL! Anyway, I love the combination of this outfit from top to bottom! Hindi sya over-accessorize. Pakak na pakak ung top mo sa plain red pants. And so is the shoes! :)

reigningstill said...

Thanks Sha!! :) Hahahaha...

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