Wet n’ Wild Stoplight Red (MAC Ruby Woo Dupe)

My current obsession are red lipsticks! They are gorgeous. They could make any plain simple outfit look glam. They also made my make up routine a lot faster. Now I only have to wear red lipsticks and some BBcream and I’m all set. Red lippies make my face look whiter and more made up.

And when it comes to red lipsticks, we all know who the queen is – of course, everyone’s fave, the Mac Ruby Woo!

Who among you here doesn’t know who Ruby Woo is? Raise your hand. Hahahaha! None? Of course. We all know who Ruby Woo is. If you want to achieve that Anne Curtis red lips, you must swipe them Ruby Woo’s on your lips for that pouty fresh juicy look.

But not everyone can afford it. Plus its always out of stock. I’m so glad my friend Len hoarded some Wet n’ Wild lippies from the US and found me the perfect Ruby Woo dupe.


Wet n’ Wild’s Stoplight Red! It only costs Php 300 here in Manila (Mac is Php 1000) and they really look the same!

Wet n’ Wild also has that matte finish and is easy to apply. Its also highly pigmented and has this rich consistency. Although I noticed that unlike Ruby Woo, it stains everything my lips touched and sometimes gets a little messy if you’re not careful. Also, while Ruby Woo lasts the whole day even after eating and drinking, this one fades a little. But just a little and only if you eat something watery or oily. Nonetheless, I loved that the lipstick last longer than expected (considering the price).

This one is really a great dupe I must say. :) Very happy and extremely satisfied. I be all glammed up and not overspend. Yey!

Here are some photos of me sporting Wet n’ Wild Stoplight Red. They are my current favorite! Perfect for budget fashionistas like me. Note that when I took this photos, I haven’t retouched my lipsticks. So I was wearing them for about 4hours or so already. Look how bright they still are. :)



a r d e e said...

Totally agree with you on this one! A great dupe for my favorite!

reigningstill said...

Yup! I love Ruby Woo but they get a little hard to find this days. This one is great as an everyday lippy. :) Thanks by the way for dropping by! :)

a r d e e said...

You know what else I discovered that's really good? Wet n Wild Cherry Picking - from the same megalast color collection! It's true that the Stoplight Red supply has become scarce but I order mine online - the same with Cherry Picking. I ordered from drugstore dot com here in the states and like a hoarding maniac, I think I'm set for the next year, or two. Lol. I like your blog! =)

reigningstill said...

wow! Thanks Ardee! :) Glad you liked my blog.

I'll definitely check that Cherry Picking. Thanks for sharing. I have to get my hands on them soon!!!!

Tania said...

I have a similar dupe as well :) I uploaded a video for it. CHeck it out when you have the time :)


ps. I might get this color from wet n wild :P



reigningstill said...

Hi Tania. Thanks for dropping by. You should! This one is really good. :) And btw, nice video.

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