Sky Cable Internet Review (I am in Hell with Sky)

I really don’t want to rant on my blog anymore. I want to make my site a happy place. BUT my recent experience on my internet provider is something I must publish. I.WILL.NOT.LET.IT.PASS.

I am a happy Destiny Cable Internet subscriber. Though I have unlimited mobile internet and a Hotspot capable phone, I really believe that I also need my internet at home. Being a blogger and a social network addict, it is included on my basic needs. Well, I know all of you guys agree that internet connection has become a necessity nowadays.

Almost a week ago, I woke up with no internet connection at home. I never had issues with my Destiny Cable Internet before aside from the very seldom down time I’ve experienced which only lasted for a couple of hours and that one time when my connection was down for a day but after an email sent to Destiny Cable’s sales team, they gave me the assistance I need and fixed my issue (I know its not the correct department but that’s the only way I know to contact them. Hehehe).

And then I got a mail from Sky Cable telling me that the Destiny is now part of their family. Initially I thought its great since Sky Cable is more stable and they have a website, a twitter account and a CS hotline for crying out loud. Oh boy I am so wrong!

If you do follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I have been ranting my internet connection issue for almost a week now. Their twitter account has taken ages in replying to my inquiry and has not been very helpful at all. The thing is, I saw a celebrity tweet them regarding his issue and they answered him right away! Wow! May favoritism pa sila. Ang alam ko, pare-pareho ang rate namin kaya dapat kung nagagawa nilang sagutin ang celebrity, dapat siguro magagawa nilang sagutin din ako. They only answered me when I actually replied to that celeb’s tweet and mentioned my concern. Gosh! #DukhaProblems

But the thing that really pissed me off is their email people. My first email was answered after 3days and 2 follow ups. Their answer is below.


Ok! That answer really got me nowhere. Anyway, I still tried to reach them. I called their hotline and was told to call another number which according to them is the Destiny Hotline. Well, hotline nga sya kasi isang oras akong tumatawag ng walang tigil pero busy tone lang ang napapala ko. I wasted 1 precious hour. For someone who works in the IT industry like me, that 1 hour meant a lifetime.

Then I received another email from them which again got me nowhere.


By that time, kumukulo na ang dugo ko at nagsasawa na ko sa Greetings from SKY! (na parang hell naman para sa akin) at sa Thank you for blah blah. I mean, no turn around time, no other contact number was given to me. Not even an issue number or tracking number or whatever proof that they are indeed reading my email and not sending me an auto-reply or a copy-and-paste reply. Nothing really. They are not even telling me why my internet was down. As in NOTHING!

Then just a few hours ago, I got below email. Dapat sana yan ang una nilang sinagot sa akin. Not after almost 1 week! And again, no details. Ni wala manlang empathy statement. Do you guys agree na para syang copy paste from their list of formatted email? According to the bill statement I got from them, I can send an email if I have any concern. Well, wala nga namang sinabi na may gagawin sila sa concern ko. Sorry naman! Mali ako ng intindi. *insertsarcasticsmilehere*


Anyway, I am cutting my service and is now looking for another ISP. I hope a better one.

I have said this a thousand times already and I won’t get tired saying it over and over – IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I stayed with a certain provider for 3yrs simply because of their great CS people. Though reaching an agent to talk to would take 48yrs, the wait is so worth it. The CS people are all nice. Anyway, I don’t need to call often because their twitter account is so fast in replying! I mean, they don’t always fix my issue right away but they sure try to make me feel that they do attend to my issue.

I hope this blog would reach the Sky Cable Corp. management. Do something about your CS people please. I tweeted about my issues and I got a lot of replies from my followers who share the same sentiments. It must mean something.

I am blogging about my experience in the hopes that someone won’t encounter the same thing. I don’t want others to suffer and to experience the same inconvenience and not to mention the hassle. Lakas makasira ng araw ng mga nangyayaring to. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. No paying customer deserves this kind of treatment at all.

This is crap. A whole lot of crap.

Anyway, ayoko na. Suko na ako at lilipat na ako sa ibang provider. Ayoko ng ma-haggard at mapagod. Ayoko na ding mainis dahil wala namang magandang naidudulot sa akin. Oh well!


France said...

Wow I'm actually looking forward to connect with Sky but there are a lot of things going on that a new customer might not know about before they have it installed and then there would be a lock-in period for months. Thank you for the information. :) It's hard to look for a good ISP nowadays. May I know what is your current ISP? If it has good connection and all cause I have mine right now and it sucks I don't know if i am on the right plan but they have issue with their CS as well. They said on their website that their Chat Support is open from Monday-Sunday 8:00AM to 6:00PM but when I tried to chat them at 2:30PM they said to come back to the said hours. I felt stupid. Please give a review about your current ISP and if its good or not. I have to agree with you that Internet really is a necessity nowadays apart from Social Networking, I need it as well for my Job.

reigningstill said...

Aaaww.. Poor Customer Service is really a major issue here in Pinas. To think we have a huge call center industry. Anyway, I am on PLDT right now. I have the 1,300 DSL+landline plan. Currently I have no issue whatsoever. They even provide wireless router upon install. Plus it only took them 1 day to install my service. Super bilis. And so far wala akong issue. Haven't tried reaching their CS people though. Hopefully wala akong maging problem this time. Nakakainis lang talaga sa Sky Cable is that almost 2 weeks akong walang service tapos pinagpapasa pasahan nila ako. Then i called and asked them to cut my line. Tapos dun naman sila nangungulit sa akin. They we're calling me na and even send technician to my place. Weird!

reigningstill said...

I've been with PLDT since December. Okay naman sya. Wala akong issue. 6months na and everything seems fine. Sana tuloy tuloy. And mabilis din sya. :)

JC said...

Good thing ako ngkaproblem na agad installation plang... goog given sign na siguro kasi later. I found out with my cousin who also had service with them for like since the beginning of time, e super bastos dw tlga ung mga agents and techsupport.. evn the field dispatch people.

The people that went here to install, came 9am... working at night and being awake at 9am would make me really look yaya.. but I opened the door since gnun lng naman din ako humarap sa destiny na nginstall ng cable ko. They looked at me from head to toe.. so tinaasan ko na agad ng kilay... They asked for my requirements, asked their names but they answered like nalunok ung dila.. so since half of my senses are still sleeping...(which is stup** of me).. gave them my requirements... then bigla ako tinalikuran.. wlang any word.. later nasira na connection ko ng cable with destiny.. I looked outside at ginagalaw nila ung box... so lumapit ako and said "boss, natamaan mo ata cable ko... nawala e.." wlang sagot... so pumasok nlng ako sa bhay at bka maginit ulo ko...

they came back knocking and said the box near my house doesn't have broadband connection at for cable lang dw. so I said, ung ng install ng cable ko said na meron yan and may isa pang box sa may labasan so you can get me connected their if ever wla dyn.. sagot sakin "babayaran nyo po ba ung wire... kasi 100ft lang allotted per customer" sagot ko "huh?" bakt skin sisingilin un skanila responsibility un. I asked other options, they said to check with the engineer... so ask ako ng ETA... "wla mam! dami namin job order kya di kami ngbbgay ng ETA..." so sabi ko "dpat una pa rin job order number ko by number right?" taz di na sumagot.. umakyat ult sa poste at binalik cable ko... then tinawagan ko na ung agent ko... while talking to my agent... sabi ko wait lng pra malaman ko other options to get the net connected... aba! nawala! as in pinaandar na sasakyan wla man lang "mam! tuloy na kami!" I was so pissed off kasi nputol tulog ko just to deal with BS people...

my cousin complained from me since gold member na sila.. no the package but because of the tenure ng stay nila with cable... but I said... I dont want it installed na... I'll just check other provider...

Maybe I'll try PLDT.. ok pa po ba connection u with PLDT... ung iba kasi provider sa start lang mabilis net taz by 3-6months.. mahina na at mabagal.. paupdate namn sis :)

reigningstill said...

Naku good sign na nga na di ka nakapagpakabit. Alam mo ba ako, I paid pa for the extra cable kasi nga ang layo nung house namin sa poste. Imagine? Umabot ng 4k ang binayaran ko just for the internet. And now, they are making me singil almost 5k coz I'm not paying daw when I specifically told their employees to cut my service which they did coz di na gumagana cable modem ko before PLDT installed my line. Eh hindi pa nga nila binabalik sa akin yung 1k na down payment ko na sabi ibabalik after 1year of service coz I'll be on contract for a year. Ako na nagbayad ng installation fee, ako pa may contract. KALOKA!!! Okay na sana if they got good service kaso waley!

My PLDT line is okay naman. Masaya pa din ako until now. My family's using it also. Puro mga naka wifi phone and its mabilis padin. No problem. I'm not gonna recommend PLDT yet coz I haven't dealt with their CS but so far, the service is good.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Patrick Licaros said...


SkyCable has no customer service to speak of. Let me report that last June 24, 2013 I availed of the free 15-day trial of Sky Broadband, having been informed by the technician who came to our house that at the end of the trial period SkyCable or its contractors will pull out the modem and return the Php2,000 deposit. Since I was not impressed with the speed when I compare it to PLDT, on July 8 I called SkyCable to request discontinuance of the trial.

Pull out of the modem was scheduled on Monday, July 15, 2013, as per my conversation with telesales representative Christina. On that day, nobody from the company came or called.

The next week I followed up and was promised that the pull out will be rescheduled to July 29. I begin to get irritated but give lousy SkyCable the benefit of the doubt. July 29 came and went but still no one from this lousy cable company came or called.

On August 5 I made another call to the lousy cable company and was told by agent Alex that the pull out will again be rescheduled to August 30--THAT'S 46 WORKING DAYS (from the date of first request) TO RETRIEVE A MODEM! Worse than that, Alex repeatedly advised me to just bring the modem to the lousy cable company's main office in Ortigas Center, which is a 90-minute commute from my residence
(one way) on any weekday. As of Sept. 1, 2013, no one, absolutely no
one, from the lousy cable company has come to retrieve the modem and return my Php2,000 deposit.

Here's the warning to prospective subscribers of SkyBroadband:



3. MY EXPERIENCE WITH SKYCABLE SHOWS THAT THE COMPANY COULD'T CARE LESS ABOUT ITS SUBSCRIBERS. If in the future you encounter problems with their service or equipment, prepare for a response that will surely frustrate you, in the same way that it has frustrated Ms. Aubrey and others who have replied to this blog.

I hope this post will give you sufficient idea of what to expect when subscribing to SkyCable or SkyBroadband.

reigningstill said...

OMG! Ako nga last April, i received a letter from Sky asking me to pay 4k!!!! promise! I was like, ano to?? Pinutol nyo service ko tapos magbabayad ako. Eh tapos na din yung contract ko. Lugi pa nga ako kasi accdg to contract, dapat may rebate ako ng 1month kasi binayaran ko yun nung installation. Grabe talaga!

NoToSky said...

I'm not really sure pero around 2 years na yung subscription namin sa SkyBroadband. What I can say now is most of the time pangit ang service nila. I mean mabagal ang internet at laging nawawala. Then today, 3 weeks na kaming walang internet. Before this 3 weeks, meron kaming internet for about 5 or 6 days and before that wala kaming internet for more than two weeks. So, in total, more than a month na na wala kaming internet sa bahay. We called the customer service reps at wala silang maisagot na solution sa problem. Nagschedule sila ng mag-aayos daw ng connection pero three times na rin syang hindi sumisipot. Sinabi pa ng mga customer service reps na meron kaming rebate for the time na wala kaming internet pero pagdating ng latest bill namin meron pa rin kaming babayaran! Bakit ganun? Pinagbabayad pa kami sa service na hindi naman namin na gamit! And, kelangan namin for work yung internet sa bahay. So dapat kami pa nga ang binabayaran nila for the inconveniences na naidudulot nila. Minsan, if really urgent, I subscribe na lang to unlimited surfing sa Globe which costs me P50/day at yun ang ginagamit ko for internet. Pero, not good din (but, at least better, than Sky) lalo na pag mahina ang signal. We should have known from the start that it was a sign... Experience na di ko pa rin nalilimutan. Nung nagpakabit kami ng SkyBroadband ang sabi sa amin ng CS rep ay umaga ng Sabado dadating yung magkakabit. Although may lakad kami that day, sabi namin okay lang since late afternoon pa naman kami aalis. Then, the day na ikakabit yung internet, gabi na wala pa rin yung gagawa daw nun. So, tumawag kami sa CS rep again and ang sabi hindi daw nila control ang time ng magkakabit ng internet. What?! Eh, bakit sinabi nila na umaga pupunta yung magkakabit yun pala, in the first place, wala silang say sa schedule ng mga technicians nila? (Umiinit ang ulo ko pag naaalala ko ang service ng Sky!!!) So, natapos ang araw na walang dumating from Sky. Hindi kami nakalabas at nasayang ang oras kakahintay sa kanila. Then, tumawag ulit kami sa CS rep. Sabi bukas na lang daw (malamang di ba?) pupunta yung technician. Since, usually, kahit sobrang naabala kami, nice naman kami sa CS reps kaya ang sabi namin sige. Next day, Sunday. 9PM na dumating ang magkakabit. Isang araw ulit ang nasayang namin sa kahihintay. Di ba it was a sign na pangit ang service nila? (Sa SkyBroadband, sorry, di ko naman kayo sinisiraan. Pangit lang talaga ang service nyo.) Now, we're planning to get PLDT. Hopefully, way better sila sa SkyBroadband.

reigningstill said...

Hay naku! Super poor customer service really sucks!!! I am really boycotting Sky also. :) Even cable namin pinapa-cut ko. Moving to Cignal instead. I'm on PLDT, so far I am good. Happy pa ko!

iHateSkyInternet said...

Paano magpa-cut ng line ng SkyBroadband? Kelangan pa daw ng letter?

reigningstill said...

I'm currently with PLDT. So far okay naman pero I find it difficult to talk to their reps din. The hotline is always busy. Although I don't really need to talk to a rep pa din naman.

My issue with PLDT is madalas walang internet pag malakas ulan. Eh that's the time pa naman that i really need my internet coz I wanna be updated. But overall naman ok ako.

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