I’m Here Down South!

Oh hello there everyone! :-)
Alright! Alright! I know I should be on VACATION and must therefore be on “Internet Diet” since I’m supposed to enjoy nature and all, but hey! It’s not my fault our resort here in Bohol has Wi-Fi! And I miss blogging, so sue me.
Anyway, last Thursday G.p and I braved the typhoon scare and went ahead with our scheduled trip to Tagbilaran!
We were both up early and with so little sleep, because we spent the entire night packing, we went to the airport to catch our 9AM flight.
The traffic was horrible! From Angono to NAIA, our cab was moving so slowly that by the time we were in NAIA both G.p and I are already so haggard! G.p was actually so worried that we won’t catch our flight. Haha..
Anyway, it turned out that it was Air Phil who won’t be on time. Our flight was delayed causing us to almost miss our Ferry to Cebu City. More about that Amazing Race story on my next posts.
I’m still here in Panglao Island enjoying the beauty that Bohol has to offer! It really amaze me how wonderful our country is. Our natural beauty is captivating. Truly world class and very Pinoy.
My very pretty G.p! Being all boyish with her “I’m on Vacation!” look.

Oh Holy Sh*t! I’m borderline obese! hahaha…
And yes! I’m wearing my 5-inch wedge! And my very adorable Bayong. But I swear those wedges are uber comfy. I walked with them almost all day and my feet didn’t even hurt a bit. Though I eventually got tired and had to change by the time we reached Cebu City.
Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray ban | Green Vintage Tee | Denim Shorts from a Bazaar | Black Strappy Wedge Sandals with colorful heels from Greenhills | Bayong from EGG | Colorful beaded bracelets


Hanna said...

Do you have a contact for city tour in bohol?.. Need help. Travel agent here is overpricing us!

reigningstill said...

Hi Hanna! Our contact is just Kuya Tatsky of Bohol. +639223671051

You may check out my other bohol posts by clicking on Bohol tag at the end of this post to see where we went. We didn't get a travel agent. We just rented kuya tatsky's car and driver. Mas mura yun. 5D4N Cebu-Bohol travel namin is just around 9K! Sosyal pa yung Cebu namin kasi 2 lang kami kaya dun kami sa may Cebu Trip Tours. :) Let me know if you need other details.

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