I am Barney in Cebu!

Sunday, October 09, 2011
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I wear this when we went to Larsian for dinner on our 1st day in Cebu City. I wanted something comfy but fashionable and sexy. So I decided on this…
Vintage Purple Top with low neckline | Denim shorts from RRJ  | Flats from Greenhills | Black long sleeves cardigan from a bazaar | Bangles in animal prints from a bazaar


I had a really hard time dressing up. I gained a lot of weight and I was really conscious of my bulging tummy and uber large arms. So I was really glad I had these vintage top and the black jacket which did the trick. :-)

P.S.: Sorry for the crappy photo my loves. G.p and I are uber hungry that we just snap a couple of pictures before heading out of the hotel. haha..

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