Bayong from EGG

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Beige and Red Bayong from EGG (exciting gifts + goodies).

I was eyeing this very cute Bayong from EGG for quite sometime now. I just don’t want to buy it then because I think Php300 is too much for a bayong.

Buy 1 Take 1 for Php350.

So imagine how glad I am when I saw that EGG had it on sale!Buy 1 take 1 for only Php350. I was already checking it out, but am quite doubtful whether to buy or not. I’m not sure if getting 2 bayongs is worth it.I mean, what am I gonna do with 2 bayongs right?

Bayong comes with this nice trinket! Love them!

Then G.p saved me from my verdict! She bought me one. And had 1 for herself. Yey!
I got the Beige while G.p got the red!
Aren’t they lovely? This Bayong can fit soo much stuff! So perfect for me.

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