Falling inlove at Laiya

~28th to 29th of November 2009~

Kabayan Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas.

Another gala trip with Rellt, Leng and Boyet. This time we have AM and Arvie to bond with us. :)

It took us 6hrs to reach the plce because of traffic but it was all worth it!


Macau Macau said...


paolo naive said...

ATE AUBREY! anjan rin ako nung dates na yan!!! hahahahhaha d kita nkita??? 20-30 kme jan

aubrey reyes said...

Thanks! :)

aubrey reyes said...

Tlga?! wow! small world..sayang nga nde tau nagkita...oh bka nagkita tau pro nde na tau nagpansinan..ahahah..

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