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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

***friendster surveys on multiply…fun! fun! fun!

100 things about me…for those of you who want to know the real me…***

1. Name: celerhina aubrey (whew!)
2. Middle Name: gueta
3. Location: manila
4. Place of Birth: manila
6. Male or Female: Female
7. Year of Birth: 1984
9. Birthstone: pearl? is it even a stone?! but well, according to the list i am a pearl!
10. Sign: gemini
11. Initials: cagr

Your Appearance :

12. Hair Color : dark brown
13. Hair Length: aaahhhmmm..can you consider it long?!!
15. Best Feature: smile
16. Height: 4'11" (yeah i know i look like a midget!)
18. Glasses: i wear them since grade 3
19. teeth: what?!! still intact?!! hahahaha...
20. weight: 95 lbs

Your Firsts

22. First best friend: only best friend- erica jane la paz manio
23. First Award: Second Honor during kinder..
24. First Sport You Joined: hahaha...can't play any sport!
25. First thing you did today: check my mail?!
26: First thing you ate today: nothing..just coffee..
27. First thing you said today: ma, does ronni already had breakfast? (ronni's my dog..)
28. First Love: hahahha..alex?!!


29. Movie: moulin rouge, pretty woman, a walk to remember, the notebook, city of angels (all movies with tragic ending..)
30. TV Show: charmed forever!
31. color: lavander, pink, black, lime green
32. Rock Band: does red hot chili peppers count?!
33. Place to get groceries: paco market or SM
34. Food: can't say no to sea foods, pasta and pizza, ice cream, kare-kare and macaroni salad!
35. Season: Christmas
37. Sport: hahahaha
38. Restaurant: prefer fast foods..
42. Animal: dog..mini dachshund in particular
43. Book: all nicholas sparks' books, princess diaries, all american girl, harry books, a love story, bata-bata paano ka ginawa?, mars and venus inlove
44. Magazine: seventeen? cosmo? any...
45. Doing before you started this survey: prepping the wisepress consignment (as if you know what that is!)
46. Thinking bout: you guess...
47. Wearing: black pants, my black backless top from sari-sari and black longsleeves bolero..(in fairness, everybody here in the office was saying i look so sexy in my outfit! think am gonna wear this often..even carole liked it! )
48. Crying bout: nothing...
49. Eating: later..
50. Drinking: iced tea...
51. Typing: this survey!!! what else?! Stupid?!
53. Listening To: dreaming of you by selena..
54. Thinking about: you've asked me this already!
55. Wanting: to smile...and sleep…
56. Watching: randy process the timefile?!! hehehe...


57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: definitely not where i am now...
58. Kids: you can't tell right?!
59. Want to be Married: yeah..but it's alright if I dont..
60. Career in Mind: i want to be an entrepreneur..

Which is Better with the Opposite Sex

63. Hair color: does it matter?
64. Hair length: any!
65. Eye color: i don't look at the physical aspect..as long everything fits and he doesn't look like a distorted monkey, it's alright..though I cant keep my eyes off on someone with a nice body..
66. Measurements: nice abs is a plus factor!
67. Cute or sexy: sexy..
68. Lips or Eyes: both
69. Hugs or Kisses: hugs
70. Short or Tall: tall..am already short, what'll we look like?!!!
71. Easygoing or serious: both
72.spontaneous or romantic: spontaneously romantic?!! hahahaha
73. Good or Bad: good...and bad!
74. Sensitive or spontaneous: spontaneously sensitive...
75. Hook-up or Relationship: depends...
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: trouble maker..i love getting into to trouble

Have You Ever

78. Kissed a Stranger: yes and no?!!
79. Had surgery: nope
80. Gone commando: yeah...
81. Ran Away From Home: not really, just left the house for a few days to unwind..
82. Broken a bone: nope
83. Got an X-ray: of course..
84. Been on a cruise: does riding a ferry boat and the naval yatch counts?!!
85. wheres 85? wat the?!?!- hahahaha...you lost 85?!!!
86. Dumped someone: yeah..
87. Cried When Someone Died: of course..when my grandpa died..one of the saddest moments of life..
88. Cried At School: yeah! and everyone go beserk coz i never cried and am a strong type of person so..

Do You Believe In

89. God: 100%
90. Miracles: yeah..i do..want to witness one..
91. Love at First Sight: yeah
92. Ghosts: yeah..
93: Aliens: nope..kokey?!!!
94. Soul Mates: yeah...
95. Heaven: yeah...
96. Hell: yeah...
97. Answered prayers: of course!
98. Kissing on The First Date: hahaha...depends..sometimes it just happens..
99. Horoscopes: hahahaha...

Answer Truthfully

100. Is there someone you wish you had?
Sad to say but YES.............(Richard Gere?!)

repost this with ur own answers as "100 things
bout me"

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